gifts for graduates

We don’t stop going to school when we graduate. – Carol Burnett

It is true, and as we look at gifts for graduates, it should be done with an eye to the future. Something that can help them tackle the challenges ahead, whether it be college or the workplace. I would like to think I have raised my son to look toward the future, so the gifts I am looking at are to help him for many years to come.


Gifts for Graduates

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A light, fast tablet starting at $799 that does a very convincing laptop impression. It runs Windows 8.1, so you have your favorite programs/apps/browsers. Office, iTunes, Netflix, Chrome, whatever. Those looking to college will appreciate a 1-year subscription to Office 365 Personal and OneDrive cloud storage. They throw in 60 Skype world minutes a month for a year, so friends and family can keep in touch. If you are off to that first for grads
  2. mintMint: The gift of wisdom is priceless, but there will be plenty of things your graduate will be paying for with cold hard plastic. Introduce your grad to the wonderful world of money management with Mint. It keeps their financial info in one place, with accounts, cards and bills they use. They can see what they have and what they owe. You can’t make them thrifty, but you can give them the tools.
  3. Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard: Sometimes it’s important just to be able to get along with everyone. That’s what this keyboard is all about. Tablet or smartphone, Windows, iOS or Android, the Universal Mobile Keyboard was designed to work with them all. It will keep them tapping away into their connected future[wc_box color=”inverse” text_align=”left”]


  4. foldableMicrosoft Universal Foldable Keyboard: If that’s not enough, this one is foldable! It works with all your devices, then folds in half to be stored away conveniently. A remarkable feat of engineering, to be sure.  You can simultaneously pair it with two devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows tablet or compatible Windows phone—and then instantly switch between them with a single touch. This one is futuristic enough to actually be from the future. You can pre-order now at $100; they should be available in July.

What will your graduate bring to their future?