I’m a mommy with a camera and on a mission to capture the best photo’s of my little girls. Having the right photo software to help me manage my photo’s is important to me. Ever since my first daughter was born, I have taken at least 100+ photo’s a month. Fotobounce software helps me organize and manage my image’s as well as peer share. I can group my albums by events, places, key words, and collections. I can even view them by date and recently added photos. Another cool feature is it’s face recognitions. Fotobounce  automatically detects faces which allows you to then tag your family and friends.


Fotobounce is the ultimate in photo sharing software. All of my extended family is in the midwest and my husband’s in the northeast, having a photo management application that allows me to share my photos in full resolution PRIVATELY is even awesome!  Fotobounce is not an online software but downloads to your computer. I love that it is on my computer but still allows me to privately share. How it works: I invite friends to view my albums and they are able to see my photos. They are even able to view them through their mobile phone.

Most of us have smart phones these days that have the capabilities to take photos and email them. Fotobounce has a service that allows you to email to photos to your fotobounce library. I absolutely LOVE this feature! There are so many times I’ve had photos on my phone that I love and not been able to share them or have the proper storage for them.

fototwitterThere are certain photos I only want to share with my family but sometime I don’t mind sharing with my social media networks. Fotobounce connects to my facebook, twitter, flickr, and airset. I love how I am able to view my facebook friends photos as well as my “likes” photos. Pretty neat feature!

Fotobounce is now my one source photo management and has made my life much simpler. It is Mac and PC compatible and user friendly. The perfect software for me.