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Four Features On The Haier LE39F32800 LED Television #HaierAmbassador

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I just moved into a new home and was excited to receive my Haier  TV, I am very picky when it comes to the features. I was so pleased to find  a Television that has everything  I need. The  Haier LE39F32800 LED Television  has  so many wonderful features, it’s hard to choose which I really like the best , so I have listed a few here

  • Thin Frame: One of my Favorite things about this TV is that is so thin and can fit anywhere, I love the sleek design, it gives the TV a very modern and hip look, I really like the  extra room it gives me in any room of my home.   I enjoy  the flexibility it can give when it comes to where to place it, see my post on Three ways to showcase a TV. Placement can be very important when you have a small area to work with.
  • Energy Star Compliant : I was so very thrilled that this TV has The Energy Star label ,It’s such an important detail, being we are all trying to cut down on our Power bills all while helping the planet,  it  really saves me so much money on my monthly bills,who doesn’t need that? I think we all do! We feel free to watch and or keep the TV on if needed without the worry of extra payment.
  • It has USB Ports: Being able to plug my MP3 music into this TV is fantastic, I am able to Listen while I clean or do Projects, My Children love it . It is a very handy feature Indeed.  I also love being able to  view all my pictures of my Family and Friends, the images are so very crisp and clear, I really enjoy bragging to my friends that my TV has this capability, I love sharing them with others.
  • Doubles As A PC Monitor: This has to be one of my favorite features of this TV, Being able to connect to my computer while laying in bed is amazing ! I do alot of work on my computer so being able to have it available on such a big screen really helps me a lot,  not to mention I don’t have to squint my eye’s to see it!  The picture quality is superb,  this is an added Bonus to any busy Mom.

I am a member of the Haier Ambassadors Program, but I can recommend the Haier television from personal and positive experience. You can learn more about the products Haier offers in the Haier Facebook Page, Haier Twitter Page, and at the Haier website. When I received my Haier TV I was amazed at how light the box was. I could pick it up myself rather easily and set it up in about 10 minutes flat!

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