This Mother’s Day, Logitech is celebrating four types of modern Moms – the fashionista, the professional, the adventurer, and the techie. You may recognize parts of each in yourself, but take a moment to consider how strongly each image resonates with you or reminds you of your own mother. This choice will later determine your prize package, should you be the lucky one.


Four Modern Moms Must Haves

  1. The Fashionista: Stylish and savvy, she always looks good no matter what she’s doing. Her gear is sleek and simple, like the Logitech AnyAngle protective case and stand ($60) for her iPad. It keeps everything protected without sacrificing appearances. The adjustable stand keeps things upright and everyone knows good posture is important. She takes notes on the Keys-To-Go ultra-portable wireless keyboard ($100), and stows it all in her fashionable shoulder bag, with plenty of room for the moisturizing lip balm, sunglasses case, nail polish and glittering gold bangle.AnyAngle Protective case with any-angle stand for iPad Air 2
  2. The Professional: Working 9 to 5 is for sissies. She works morning, noon and night to keep job and family humming along. She works while she’s out and about with the help of her Type+ protective case with integrated keyboard ($100) and iPad. Once she gets home her cursor is moving a million miles an hour, guided by the MX Master wireless mouse. It puts everything at her fingertips, and it stows easily into her messenger handbag next to the spiral notebook, zebra print lint roller, lipstick, mascara.
  3. The Athlete: She bikes to work, jogs with the dog and lifts weights at the grocery store. She stays in shape while keeping the family fit, too. She works out with the help of her X100 mobile wireless speaker, which blares out the tunes which get her feet moving. She tracks her food and fitness from her iPad wrapped up safely in the AnyAngle protective case and stand ($60). Who says we’re not alike? She keeps it in her gym bag when stopping by for a workout with a water bottle, lip balm, and some hair ties. x100
  4. The Techie: All modern Moms are techies! It’s how we keep up with this hectic world we live in. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back, or just add it to the old résumé. Go to Logitech’s Facebook page and let them know which type of modern Mom you are. Your vote for the photo that best represents your modern Mom will be entered to win a Mother’s Day prize pack.

Enter the giveaway below, and you could win a Logitech prize pack customized to the type of Mom you choose.


  1. I am mostly the Fashionisa & Techie! I love Logitech! They have some awesome keyboards!

  2. I can’t decide if I’m more like Working Mom or Connected Mom… either way I’m a fan of Logitech products.

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