living-room-1113tm-pic-96You might be able to remember a time when you could clean your home one day and it would stay that way for several days or even weeks with very little maintenance or upkeep needed. However, that seems to go right out of the window almost immediately after you have had your first child. But there are several quick steps that can be taken to maintain the stylish décor by simply making wise choices when it comes to specific furniture items in your home.

Search for Great Deals on Great Furnishings

Before you pay full retail price for any of these items, do yourself a favor and search as much as you can for competitive deals, promotions, and sales that will allow you to save a considerable amount of money on your purchases. There are quite a few department stores and major retailers that offer clearance sales, promotions and online deals to their customers throughout the year. Even if you want to find a great deal where you can qualify for free shipping Bed Bath and beyond coupons can truly come in handy when it comes to driving the sales price of your purchases down to maximize your savings.

Stay Away from Long Drapes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when decorating a family home is to purchase long drapes that are lavish and elegant, extending down from the ceiling to the floor. To a small child, this looks like the best place to play, especially once they have grown accustomed to finding new places to hide from their parents and siblings. Aside from spilling juices and other liquids on your drapes and simply pulling them down from their respective rods, it is highly recommended that you consider purchasing either roman shades or wooden blinds that can easily be wiped clean while still maintaining a comparable level of classy décor and simplistic style, according to HGTV.

Purchase Slip Covers and Colorful Fabrics

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you will be able to have the exceptional children that never spill anything on your furniture, or decide to creatively make their own messes either by drawing on the couch or damaging the cushion in some sort of “experimental” fashion. The best way to plan ahead and make sure that your home décor does not have to suffer is to invest in colorful fabrics and slip covers to protect your furniture from these accidental occurrences. Most department stores and major retailers, have a vast assortment of colorful and beautiful options that can blend well with your existing décor while effectively protecting your furniture from this repeated abuse.

Don’t Forget to Buy Several Area Rugs

When decorating your home, area rugs need to become your best friends because they will definitely come in handy more times than you can possibly imagine. Keep in mind that your kids are going to have dirt and debris follow them around all of the time, especially when they start playing outside on a daily basis. Having an area rug that can keep your carpet looking presentable even after it has been beat up many times by your children will truly prove to be one of the best investments that you can make, especially when it comes to furnishing your living room, according to Yahoo.