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Four Ways To Look Younger #targetedskincare

I looked at a picture of myself that was taken during my first year of college. I was young and fresh faced with long beautiful shiny hair. Then, over the next few day, something strange happened. I began to notice my flaws every time I saw my reflection. Who was this person I was looking at in the mirror today and what did they do with the younger, more attractive version of me? When did those wrinkles appear? When did my hair begin thinning? It has all been progressive over the years. First the husband comes, then the baby and before you know it you lose yourself. Well, it’s too late to start rejuvenating and what better place to start than the one thing you wear every day. Your skin.

Top Four Ways To Look Younger

  1. Drink up! Water that is! It doesn’t matter who you are, your body needs water…and probably more than you think. Water plays a huge role in hair, skin and nails. The way your skin looks can be one of the biggest signs that you are not drinking enough. Dry, rough patches and acne flare ups can be signs that you aren’t getting enough water. Start drinking 8 8oz glasses of water each day and your body will feel the difference. Toxins will be washed away, your skin will have a luster and your hair will be shinier. You may even notice your pants get a little looser, which is a HUGE bonus!!
  2. Quit chewing on your cuticles! Or in other words: quit stressing out! Stress can wreck havoc on your body and can cause you to age faster than you would like. It can cause a rise in blood pressure and weight gain. It can even cause your hair to fall out! A good outlet for stress is exercise. If you are feeling particularly stressed out, try taking a walk around the office or a bike ride around your neighborhood. Exercise releases feel good endorphin’s which can help lessen the impact of stress on your body, and on your beauty. Plus, exercise is good for you!
  3. Don’t skip the trim. Sometimes it’s easy to put getting your hair trimmed on the back burner. It is so important to make it a point to schedule a visit with your hair stylist every three months or so. While getting your hair trimmed regularly won’t necessarily make it grow any faster, it will help you maintain healthy and beautiful looking hair. The secret to hair growth has more to do with your health and what you put inside your body.
  4. Revive Your Skin: When your not taking care of your skin, you are adding unnecessary years to your appearance.By giving your skin the vitamins and nutrients you can help it heal and recover some the elasticity, firmness and glow of your youth. Now with age specific products for targeted skincare from SimySkin you too can take back a taste of your youth. Here’s just few below.

Gel Cleanser Anti-Aging for Her/Him – This water based unisex gel cleanser tackles aging concerns while cleansing skin. Enriched with 10 natural essential oils, antioxidants, B12 and vitamins this cleanser is a simple way to hydrate and restore the skin morning and night.

Micro Exfoliating Toner– Deeply penetrates to remove dead skin cells, impurities, and blockage caused by sebum, and attacks the first signs of aging. This toner can also be used as an exfoliant 2 to 3 times a week for sensitive skin. Contains a concentration of 10 % of gylcolic acid in addition to formulation’s lactic and salicylic acid.

Deep Hydrating Mask This weightless, leave-on mask locks in moisture and nutrients while you sleep. The quick-absorbing cream strengthens skin barrier and intensively moisturizes to deliver anti-aging benefits and smoother, softer skin. It’s quick absorbing and won’t leave residue on the sheets, so you get all the benefits of a face mask without sporting a green or chalky face.

What would you give to your skin of yesteryear back?


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