Francesca Baby

Francesca Baby sent me a wet bag to review. I’m really working hard at being more “green”. I’ve been doing cloth diapers but sticking them in a plastic bag for holding until I was able to wash them. I want to move away from plastic bags completely. When coming across this shop, I didn’t realize all the benefits from wet bags until I read Francesca’s Baby’s suggestions. I then wondered why I hadn’t thought of a wet bag along time ago. We travel weekly to my parents or my husband’s parents house. They both have pools. So yes, every weekend we take home a plastic bag full of wet swim suits. With the Francesca Baby I will not be contributing to polluting the earth. This bag can also be used for toiletries (perfect for flying and traveling!!), snacks, and whatever wet mess you may need to prevent from spreading.

The wet bag I received it so cute!! I absolutely love the fabric used on the the outside of the bag! One side of the bag is a pink paisley with lime green and light blue accents. The opposite side of the bag has a coordinating fabric with lime green with connected pink and cream dots. In inside of the bag is lightly padded and lined with Pro Care which is a fabric that is used as a moisture barrier. The bag is seamed together by heat sealing which is done to prevent moisture from escaping. The bag has a zipper top as with a carrying handle that snaps and unsnaps. The snap is even cute; its a jewel snap. I love this bag and recommend everyone getting one! The quality is awesome! This bag is priced at $22.

Francesca Baby not only carry’s great wet bags but also onesies, bibs, blankets, leg warmes, car seat strap covers, little girl dresses, and nursing covers. These items are great for baby gifts or even just a special surprise for your little one.

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