You can save money by making cloth diaper inserts for pocket diapers or diaper covers. This article will cover what type of fabric to use, how many, and actual instructions.

You can make your cloth diapers out of baby towels, t-shirts, flannel shirts, flannel sheets, even old bath towels. The recommended fabric is 100% cotton flannel or cotton knit jersey or interlock. You should use six to eight layers per insert.You will be using one to two inserts per diapers for daytime and two to three inserts for nighttime. For those super soakers, three to four inserts might be necessary. You can use velcro or plastic snaps to keep the layers together. I do not use anything, I just layer the inserts on top of each other and the diaper cover holds it all together.

To make your insert, cut six to eight layers of fabric in the size needed. The good thing about making them is that you can size them to fit your baby with custom pins.

The best guide I have found is as follows:
For small diapers: 13″ long x 4.5″ wide
For medium diapers: 15″ long x 4.75″ wide
For large diapers: 17″ long x 4.75 wide

Stacking your six to eight layers together, making sure all the edges are even, use a straight stitch or zig zag down the length of the stack starting and ending a few inches before the end of the diaper (so in the middle). This will prevent the insert from shifting as you sew and as your baby wears them.
Trim the edges to make them all line up if needed. Now zig zag with a very tight stitch all around the entire edge of the insert. Make sure you sew through all the layers of the insert. Now secure your stitch and you now have an insert!

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