Fresh Italian Cuisine

Bertolli announces four new products to their long line of fresh Italian cuisine.  In addition to their line of pasta sauces, frozen meals, and olive oils/vinegars, Bertolli now introduces Bertolli Classic Risottos to their list of products.  They are also adding on to their Meal Soup flavors with two new rich flavors. The  Lobster Ravioli in a Seafood Bisque is pictured above in the Serving bowl Bertolli provided. (which you can win below)

Bertolli first opened its doors 1865, when Francesco Bertolli opened a small store in Lucca, Italy selling regional foods including wine, cheese, olives and olive oil. Then when Italians started emigrating to America in the late 1800’s, they wrote to Bertolli asking him to send crates of olive oil. This made Bertolli the first exporter of olive oil.  Thus began the Bertolli line of superior Italian cuisine.

Quick And Easy Risotto

Bertolli uses only premium ingredients in all of their products, bringing the authentic flavors of Italian cooking into your home.   Roasted Chicken & Mushroom and Garlic Shrimp are the savory flavors of the new Bertolli Classic Risottos.  Made with only the best of ingredients, like Italian rice, parmesan cheese, crisp vegetables and high-quality proteins, these Risottos will take your time out of the kitchen and let you spend it with your family.  There is no need to slice, dice, prepare or stand over the stove stirring, since Bertolli now provides a quick and easy risotto with delicious, homemade goodness.

Tasty Italian-Style Wedding and Ricotta & Lobster Ravioli in a Seafood Bisque are the two new soups added to the Bertolli Meal Soup line.  These new soups will not disappoint your taste buds.  They are hearty and fresh-tasting and made with high-quality proteins, crisp vegetables and al dente pasta. It has thickness of soup made from scratch with all the fresh vegetable textures.

Bertolli’s delicious lines of products can be found at your local market.  Make it an Italian cuisine night tonight in your home! You can win  the following by filling out the GT form below:

  •  4 Bertolli Frozen Meal coupons to enjoy Bertolli again and again!
  • Risotto pan
  • Serving bowl Microplane grater


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