How to roast beets

Fresh Roasted Beets Recipe
Recipe type: Vegetable
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Cook time: 
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A foil-free way to roast fresh beets in your oven.
  • Fresh Beets
  • Water
  • Covered Baking Dish
  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Wash the beets.
  3. Cut the greens from the beets leaving ½ inch of stems.
  4. Place beets in a lidded baking dish with ¼ inch of water.
  5. Cover tightly.
  6. For small beats - roast for 30 -40 minutes
  7. For Medium beets - roast 40 -45 minutes
  8. For Large Beets - roast 50 to 60 mintues
  9. When you can easily slice with a knife, they are done.
  10. Let the beets cool in the dish.
  11. After the beets are cool you can slip the ends off really easily.


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