Pearl Distributors

You can win these pearls here on 9/12 (link won’t be live until then)

Isn’t this pearl necklace beautiful? The pictures below are much better, but I wanted to show you the box they came in. I got these as a gift for my daughter-in-law on her wedding day or my granddaughter when she is sixteen. Depends on which happens first!  Considering my boys are young and my oldest is more interested in video games and college, I have a few years to let these age. I just hope they won’t be antiques! No pressure or anything kids! Pearls are a timeless classic, that no matter how many years have passed, they will always be in style.

Pearl Distributors is having a contest on their Facebook Page, under the events, for our Unsung Heros.

Two pearl necklaces will be awarded to the two winners of the Unsung Heros competiton. Do you know someone who has displayed outstanding courage, devotion, or other admirable qualities in a difficult situation? Nominate them or yourself to enter the giveaway for a pearl necklace. On Pearl Distributors Facebook page write in less than 600 words why this person deserves an award. Two outstanding individuals will be selected on Nov 12, 2011 and announced on our Facebook page. They will receive a pearl necklace free of charge before the end of November.

At Pearl Distributors, you can purchase by type, color, style, and price to find just the perfect fit for you or the special someone you love. They carry only high quality pearls; none of them are graded less than AA+. The necklace I received was made with Freshwater pearls which have a satiny luster.  They seem to have a soft glow from within, rather than a bright reflection like the Akoyas.  They are more durable, as they are solid nacre all the way through.

The Akoya pearls have a superficial mirrorlike highly reflective surface. However, the nacre layer is very thin, and there is a little round piece of shell inside, that the nacre has grown around.  This means they can more easily chip, peel or wear away.  But as for beauty – they are really gorgeous, because of the high luster.

See if you can tell which is which on the two pictures. Then click them to see where the picture takes you. Did you guess right?

Right sideleft