Frozen Meals For Diabetics

Frozen Meals For Diabetics

If you are diabetic, you are probably aware of the extremely limited choices there are in frozen meals for diabetics.  There are really not any diabetic specific frozen meals but there are a few companies that have 1-2 choices that could fit in with the diabetic meal plan.  Many people may not know this, but the diabetic meal guidelines are similar to those for anyone who is watching their weight or trying to diet.  The diabetic meals plan includes items that are low on the glycemic index, are low in sugar, fats and carbs but high in fiber and lean protein.  If a diabetic does not follow a specific diet, they can end up with complications that can lead to kidney, heart and stomach problems as well as blindness, gum disease and even stroke.

There is a company who has finally developed convenient frozen meals for diabetics that are within the guidelines of their food plan and are delicious as well.  Lifestyle Chefs is a company created by Chef Robert Lewis who is known as “The Happy Diabetic”.  Lewis has made it his mission to develop a food that would be fast as well convenient and taste great at the same time.  Based in Santa Clara, CA, the Lifestyle Chefs have put together a line of food that is made with delicious, healthy and rich in flavor ingredients that will not spike a diabetic’s blood sugar, which is the #1 concern for those watching their glucose levels.

Diabetic Friendly Meal Plans

Many people are unaware that diabetic friendly meal plans are good for everyone!  When I worked in a hospital, I spent quite a bit of time on the floor that cared for patients with various kidney related issues, including diabetes and the complications related to the disease.  Some people are born being insulin dependent which is called Type I diabetes, and they must take medication to control their glucose (sugar) levels.  Type II diabetics can sometimes control their sugar levels with food and/or medication and some can control it with food control only.  That diet is exactly what a doctor would recommend to a patient who was overweight.  I was given 6 boxes, one of each flavor of the new Lifestyle Chefs product called Meals-in-a-Bun.  You can choose from Thai Satay (my favorite), Channa Masala, Peas Paneer, Creamy Vegetable Medley and Black Bean Fiesta.  The meals are fast and easy to prepare and are absolutely delicious.  You will be surprised how great they taste while still keeping within the diabetic guidelines!  The Meals-in-a-Bun is available for sale online now and will be available later this summer in select grocery stores in your area, with each meal selling for a little over $4.00 each.

Diabetics who are trying to eat healthier should also consider adding Mediterranean meals to their diet. Studies show that Mediterranean foods like fruits, beans, nuts, vegetables, and olive oil are likely to promote positive cardiovascular health. These meals are good for anyone, not just diabetics. A recent study has shown that these foods are capable of reducing one’s chance of developing diabetes by roughly 21%. There are plenty of meal options with Mediterranean cuisine, and it works nicely with the aforementioned meal plans or a type 2 diabetes medication such as Januvia.

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