Clothes That Make You Feel Beautiful

So, I am going to be traveling for business and I am scared to death! It has been a long time since I have been part of the business world and it frightens me! I know it may sound silly, but the last time I wore a dress to a business event was about 15 years and 60 pounds ago. If you are a plus size woman, you may have experience this anxiety and it makes perfect sense to you. Others may think I am being a bit over dramatic, but I wonder if they need a girdle to fit into their jeans. It is so hard to find clothes that make you feel beautiful when you are a full figured lady. Apricot Collection is a company that makes beautifully made clothes that makes women of all sizes feel pretty. When you find a company like this, you better bookmark them because you will be visiting them frequently.

Clothes That Make You Feel Beautiful

In speaking to my friends, it seems it is not just plus sized me who is having trouble finding clothes that make you feel beautiful. Like me, many of my friends work, have children, have a home to take care of and about a million other duties. We need clothing that are pretty, feminine, flattering, versatile and affordable. It seems you just cannot find clothes like that anymore. Well, I have found the exception in Michelle Herscu and her Apricot Collection. This is a woman who understands first hand what women need and want and has made it has passion to find those pieces and bring them to her customers. From the moment you arrive at her website, you want to have one of every stinking piece she offers! Her clothing can easily go from the office to a luncheon to a play date and to a romantic dinner with your best mate.

What I admire most about Michelle and her commitment is that she does not hide behind her curves, but celebrates them! She knew after her second child that her curvy figure was a permanent state and she chose to welcome it. The problem she found, as many of us have, is that designers do not create flattering and beautiful clothing for larger women. I found the loveliest sweater dress from Apricot Collection and I knew the moment I saw it, I made the perfect choice. It has soft flowing ruffles, pockets (Yay!), is the perfect length, is soft and I want to wear it everywhere! I cannot wait to take it on my upcoming business trip because I know I will feel beautiful and confident. Thanks Michelle! You can purchase the sweater dress from the Apricot Collection website for $199.00.

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  1. I like the Sweater Dress. It is casual enough to wear to the store, but classy enough for dining out on date night.

  2. I love this austin Crossbody the BEST only because it has the zippers. I discovered, no zipper shut- I spill the contents of my purses quite often! I need them zipped shut

  3. I really like that Tee with a Twist. I’m a comfy girl, and love comfy clothes…this looks perfect! 🙂

  4. It is a very rare thing to find a clothing line that I like anything about these days! I am surprised to say I like everything I looked at!

    • Hi Kim,

      As the founder of “Apricot Collection”, it really warms my heart to hear that. I enjoyed reading your reply. Thank you & good luck!



  5. I like the animal print cardigan sweater. It would look cute over a sleeveless dress for a cool evening dinner date!

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