When I was working in an office, it was so easy to just reach over and grab a document off the printer. You get spoiled when you have all the tools you need to communicate with your customer. Once I quit working to raise my kids, I had no need for any of the tools I used in my office, so I did not miss them. When I started nursing school, we had a small office we could print our syllabus and other important documents. Because we paid a fee to use the computers and printers, we could use it for personal business as well. I used the printer a lot when Caitlin was in Girl scouts and I was an assistant troop leader. Now that I am finished with school, when I need to print something, I need to get in the car and go to the library. That is such a hassle! What I needed was a printer for the house but if I was going to be on the road for business, I could not carry it on the plane with me! Thank goodness for the life saving Bluetooth portable printer from Planon. PlanOn is a leader in the industry in portable printers as well as scanners. as a matter of fact, the PrintStik portable printer is the smallest portable printer available anywhere.
Full Page Bluetooth Portable Printer

Full Page Bluetooth Portable Printer

As much as I love all things tech related, I know from being out of the loop for several years, I am not exactly up to date with the latest products. I am embarrassed to say I did not know you could find a small full page Bluetooth portable printer. What a fantastic idea! That was exactly the product I needed for home and travel. With the exceptionally well made and high quality products from PlanOn, I knew their portable printer would be spot on for my needs. I was sent the PrintStik PS900, which is 1 of 4 models, from PlanOn, a product that may be small in size but delivers in a big way!

The PrintStik is a portable Bluetooth thermal printer that can easily sync to your mobile device as well as your computer. The PrintStik is only 1”x2”x11” and it comes with 20 pages of paper inside, which is prefect for your home office or to travel with you on a business trip. When the PrintStik arrived, the kids begged me to let them sync it and try it out, which was fine with me. They had the PrintStik printing coloring pages within 5 minutes, which I was floored by. The image is nice and clear and the paper tears away quite easily. One of the huge pluses for me is the PrintStik does not need toner or an ink cartridge. I hated running out of ink and then finding the replacements were more expensive than the printer itself! The PrintStik comes with a wall charger, as well as a car charger, a USB cable and a nylon zippered carrying case. It fits perfectly in my carry on bag or my purse, making it super easy to travel with. I honestly could not be happier with my new PrintStik. The only word of caution I will give you is keep an eye on the kids or they may print 20 coloring pages! You can purchase the PrintStik from the PlanOn website for $199.00, as well as the other PrintStik models

One USA reader will win one PrintStik PS900 ($199.00)


  1. After checking out the website I was amazed by the SlimScan! How neat is it that it can fit into the credit card slots in your wallet! Their whole line is really neat, I know I could put all of them to use!

  2. I love the scan stick for all of my important papers and daughter school stuff and all of the things i cant print

  3. I have to say my fave would have to be the Print Stick PS900 it would be so awesome to have for all the kids school work and buiseness documents we need to take care of. So much easier thenJ running somewhere to get copies made.

  4. This is my favorite! I never knew anything like this existed. Would be awesome for printing coupons!

  5. i really like the printstik and the new ScanStik, both are such great portable devices. i guess i’d go with the printstik first though since my printer is broken.

  6. The PrintStik would be a godsend for me. I could take it along with my laptop and print anytime I needed to.

  7. I like the PrintStick PS950ME… I just old, or do all these things really seem like magic to me??? Next I thing I know, I won’t let my picture get taken because the camera will steal my soul!

  8. Really would love to have the printstik. I love to coupon and this would come in handy on my shopping trips

  9. The Planon SlimScan –Credit Card Sized Scanner would be great for my fiance’s business..he always has piles of receipts to keep track of.

  10. I like the Scan Stik SK600 I have a lot of legal documents ect. and I have a lot to save from the Attorney and hospital and doctors this would be great to save everything I need.

  11. I like the Scan Stik SK600I have always wanted something like this when going through recipe books so I could save all of my fav recipes together.

  12. I think the DocuPen is pretty cool!

    (not copying anyone above me – it’s on the homepage, right column, center)

  13. My favorite is the Slimscan, would be great when grocery shopping or other bills when you could just scan the receipt right in , help to balance that checkbook…..

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