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With the kids on winter break, I am looking for games that are fun and educational.  My kids tend to get completely off kilter when they have been on a break for too long.  It seems to take Caitlin several days to get back into the swing of things with school.  I have noticed a good 2-3 day lapse when she isn’t as attentive and is a bit forgetful about homework.  This break I decided to find a few games we could play that would keep her mind in the school game without realizing it.  I found a few great fun and educational games for kids, and I wanted to share them with you in case you are in the same boat that I am in!

Fun And Educational Games For Kids

  • I Spy: This is a great game to play in any number of situations including the car or at home.  We have several I Spy games as well as the books.  Studies have shown that children who think while they are looking for a hidden item or word, they are keeping their minds sharp.
  • Word Games: There are a lot of word games to keep your kids mental muscle healthy.  We love to play the game where you make as many words out of a group of letters as you can.  You can do this online or at home by randomly choosing 10 letters and giving each kids a paper and pencil and letting them have at it!
  • Trivia Games:  Trivia or fact based games are great fun to play as well as very good for keeping the kid’s minds in tune.  By asking questions with a multiple choice answer allows your kids to reach into those brains and finding the right answer.  Some trivia or fact games will ask a question with no choices which may be too difficult for the younger crowd. My kids love playing the games from University Games because they are fun while at the same time educational. With their vast collection of games available, there is absolutely something for every kid at every age and level.

Games That Makes You Think

Games That Makes You Think

My family love to play games that makes you think.  We are pretty competitive and my husband and I feel education is paramount to our kids.  We take every opportunity possible to turn an ordinary trip to the store, eating a meal or any other activity a platform for learning.  What I love about University Games is that the games are of the highest quality, are recognizable as trusted names and brands and are very affordable.  With homeschooling, I am always on the lookout for games I can use in our lessons that are going to be a good value.  University Games got their start in 1985 and have made over 200 games since their conception.  Bob Moog and Cris Lehman were already avid game players and they knew that games and education were a winning combination.  You may have heard of some of their best-selling games like Where Is Carmen Sandiego, Murder Mystery Party and 20 Questions.  We chose two games that we felt would be a lot of fun and educational at the same time.  Brain Quest ($12.99) is a game that kids of every age, level and grades from 1-6 can play together.  With over 1,500 questions that are based on what they have already learned in school, there is a wealth of information and learning in one box.  For instance, one question may be “What doesn’t belong on this list” and the choices are corn, carrots, cabbage and candy”.  The younger ones in the group may not know the answer while the older kids in the group may.  If a child answers a question in a level above where they are, they can earn extra points.  It is no surprise that this game has won the Teacher’s Choice Award and National Parenting Publication Award.  We also received the Brain Quest Birthday Edition ($12.99) that has new questions to keep you on your toes.  The last game we received was the Angry Birds Action Game ($29.98) and the kids (and Meap) absolutely love it.  If you want to work on math with your child, this is a great game to do so while getting the blood pumping at the same time.  The game comes with a big scoring play mat, 2 plush birds, one plastic pig and three wooden blocks.   The object of the game is to knock that pig down and score points using the scoring mat.  Because the birds are plush, you can easily play this game inside without worrying about hurting your décor.  Because the mat is vinyl, you can easily take the game outside, on a picnic or to the park.  If you are looking for some great games at a great price, University Games is a great place for you.  You can purchase the University Games at Are You Game.

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  1. Because I am one of those people who wants SO BADLY to shout out an answer even when it is NOT my turn (annoying, I know…), I’d like to try playing the “Smart Ass Game” !

  2. I was immediately struck by colorforms. I was born in 1951 same as colorforms and remember playing with them while growing up..the set tho was shapes and nothing else. Today I would get The Very Hungry Caterpillar 3-D Deluxe Play Set and Miss Weather Colorforms Play Set

  3. I like the Brain Quest – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paol Trenny….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  4. I love the Brain Quest card decks!! I remember using those when I was in grade school!! I have wondered if they were still around!!

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  6. We have the 2nd grade Brain Brain Quest cards. My dd is now in 3rd grade so I’d love to have the 4th grade pack.

    • I love games that are educational and fun for the kids that’s why Angry Birds is so popular with them. Love those birds!!!

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