Fun Beds For Kids

Fun Beds For Kids

If you are struggling to get your child to bed, have you tried fun beds for kids?  I must admit I have tries just about everything and every idea to get Henry to sleep in his own bed.  Although he is 11, he rarely sleeps in his own bed.   Initially we thought the reason was because the kids shared a room, so we moved into a house with 3 bedrooms.  Didn’t work.  Then we thought it may be the twin beds were getting too small, so we bought them new bedroom furniture.  Didn’t work.  Then we thought it may have been because he was afraid of the dark, so I went through a plethora of nightlights.  Didn’t work.  As it turns out, most of his sleep issues stems from his Autism.  It is a complicated web we have been untangling for many years.  I finally think I found something that may actually work!

Fun Beds For Kids

Incredibeds is an ingenious concept that folds in layers of good ideas that when all mixed together, it became a phenomenal idea!  The use of the extremely soft plush is combined with soft bumpers for safety and a built in waterproof sheet.   With such characters as a sweet puppy, a friendly bear and a harmless dinosaur, the Incredibeds are the answer to many parents’ prayers.  The versatility of the Incredibeds is what makes it such a fantastic product.  If you have a toddler ready to move into a big bed, they will be more likely to transition into a cute, soft and enticing place to sleep.  If you have a child like mine that fears sleeping in their own bed alone, this is a great solution.  With no metal or wood, there are no hard edges to harm your little one.  The comfy blanket that is included is just the right weight to keep your child comfortable.  With a pocket in each of the characters hands, your child can give themselves a reassuring hug in the middle of the night.
Stuffed Animals To Sleep With

Stuffed Animals To Sleep With

If you have given your child stuffed animals to sleep with, they may or may not have worked.  With the Incredibeds, your child has a built in stuffed animal to sleep with!  When Jeremy from Incredibeds offered my family one of the Incredibeds, I was eager to try this for Henry.  The Incredibeds arrived on Henry’s 11th birthday, so the timing was just perfect.  Although the Incredibeds Bear ($199.95) is made to go over a twin mattress, you don’t have to buy one of you have another size mattress.   All I had to do was attach the 4 zippered pieces together and slip in the foam bumpers.  With the built in sheet and the blanket, it is perfect for Henry.  Your Incredibeds character comes with 6 pairs of eyes and packets of hair which are easy to put on, move or remove. We can use an air mattress for camping, but so far we haven’t needed it.  I will admit we had to rearrange the kid’s beds so they are in one room again.  With Caitlin nearby and the Incredibeds with Henry, he actually slept in his bed the very night we got the package.  We had a sleepover this weekend and Henry and his buddy Adam slept in “Burton the Bear” ( Henry named him with a nod to Psych ).  Oh..the best part ever?  The Incredibeds is completely machine washable!  All you need to do is unzip each section and slip out the foam bumpers and each section fits perfectly into your washing machine!  Thank you Jeremy for making my son so very happy!

One reader will win an Incredibeds ($199.95) *characters may vary with availability*

As the Incredibed is made to zip over a twin mattress and we have a full, the photo shown is shot without the bed being zipped up around a mattress

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  1. I Would LOVE To WIn For My Youngest Daughter! SHe Hates Sleeping ALone Since The Divorce Because She Slept With Mommy ANd Daddy! SHe Is Ok When My Oldest Is Home But When SHe Has A Sleepover With Friends (shes 17) My 7 Year Old Cries All Night,ANd LOVEs Stuffed Animals I Think This Would Help Her Some,PLUS They Are ADORABLE!!!! And I WOuld Probably End Up Buying 3 More!!! Thank You For The Chance!

  2. My favorite is the T-Rex Dinosaur Bed. What a great idea! They are so creative and I’m sure children would love them!

  3. My son T was 4 almost 5 the first time he slept through the night, and I will never forget that night! It was the week of christmas and I still had 40 dozen sweet treats to make and was so tired myself but had to finsh it all up. I was still rocking my T to get him to sleep then I would carry him to our bed and slowly slip my arms out inch by inch praying he would not wake up. My T has aspergers and a SID, so going to sleep and staying that way is really hard for him, it’s a battle really. This night I asked T to please go lay in the bed and I would be in there shortly to help him get to sleep that I needed to get the cookies out of oven. To my surprise he didn’t complain. His grandmother had just gave us the huge blanket she crocheted and he was excited to lay with it, it’s a king size and his rather heavy and we noticed he loved it.
    By the time I got in there which was less than 5mins he was out all wrapped up in this blanket, I did not want to move him yet so I waited until we went to bed
    to get him laying the right way. The next night it was the same, he went to bed by himself and slept all night. We soon noticed he was wanting the blanket at all times and would try to drag it to the couch or is room. It is the weight of that blanket that helps him!! It wasn’t long and we put him in hos own bed and Grammy made him his own blanket. They weigh a good 30lbs and it’s the weight that makes him so comfortable. Although he sleeps all night in his own bed, it’s a twin size small bed at the foot of my bed. He is 6 and we tried once to put him in his own room, really he asked but it lasted all of 20mins.
    I hope that if we win this it will help him make that next step!! He is so comforted by things like this and loves old of related items, so just maybe this would be our answer.

    I would suggest though that if you have a child who relys on sencory related things to cope with their days and nights to try the weight “Thearpy”. We know have a very small version of his blanket that is put across his lap at mealtimes or other places he needs to stay sitted and it works great. The wait of things keeps him grounded so to speak. Grammy also made him a nap time blanket for his school naps that was amazing for his class!! He would fall right to sleep and the idea helped
    Any others in his class also. I just wanted to put this out there for other moms dealing with similer things.
    Thank you for reading my long post, lol

  4. As the mother of two with autism and sleep issues I would love a chance to try this out. My youngest son and I spent many nights welcoming in the daylight.

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