Qwirkle.  It’s more than just a fun word to say – it’s a fun board game to play!  Each player takes 6 tiles, and the fun begins!  The object is to earn as many points as possible by placing tiles on the board.  There are 6 different colors of tiles in 6 different shapes.  Tiles are placed in rows, but the catch is that each row has to consist of either the same color, or the same shape.  If the row you’re working in is only yellow, then there can only be 1 yellow tile of each of the 6 shapes in that row.  If you’re working in a row with only squares, there can only be one square of each color in that row.  You can build any direction off a row to start a new row, but points are collected for each tile in the row you place in, so the longer the row the better!  If you complete a row by placing the 6th tile in that row for that sequence, you get an additional 6 points for making a “Qwirkle”!  The person with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Fun Board Games For The Whole Family

We’ve played this a few times now.  I really enjoyed it, as did my mom and my son (pictured above).  Made for ages 6+, it really is a game that the whole family can enjoy.  Just make sure before you start that you have a playing space large enough to accommodate, because there’s no telling how big your board is going to be!

I consider this a classic game that will last in our family for years to come, right next to the likes of Monopoly and Yahtzee.  It’s a game that you don’t get bored of, since it’s never quite the same!  Now’s your chance to get in on the fun!  Mindware is offering a copy of Qwirkle to one of our readers.  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

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