Fun Ideas For Family Game NightIn our home, we love family game night, but sometimes we don’t make the time for it. Also, we tend to play the same games so it becomes stale and we aren’t too enthusiastic to participate. The last time I suggested we had family game night, in so many words, the kids said they would rather to homework!!  Ok, maybe not that bad, but I got the hint.  I told them I would do some searches and see what fun things I could come up with.  If your family is in the same rut, maybe you will find some fun ideas for family game night here.

Fun Ideas For Family Game Night

Variety: Instead of playing a board game all the time, try to come up with alternatives.  One idea we tried recently was to choose the activity randomly.  To make chores more fun, I write tasks on a piece of paper fold it up and toss it in a bowl.  The kids pick an even amount and they do the chore and then bring the paper back for inspection.  Why not draw ideas from a bowl? Let each family member write down 3-5 ideas and then choose one at random.

Make it silly:  Regardless of what you play, why not do so with a British accent or like a pirate.  My kids love to do this and it can get side splitting funny!  What makes it even more fun is to see the kid’s interpretations of the accent. HILARIOUS!!  You can also dress up and be in character as an old woman or a wizard.

Offer a prize:  What better way to get rid of some of that excess Halloween candy than to offer it as a prize on family game night?  My kids love to win and when you add a piece of bubble gum or a chocolate bar, they get pretty competitive!  We have just found a company that offers games that will make you laugh and sometimes, use your noodle!  The Imagineering Store has a wide variety of games, journals, drinking glasses and other items that will just be plain fun to use.
Making Time For Your Family

Making Time For Your Family

One thing I hear my friends say is that they find it difficult making time for your family.  We all get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives that we forget about the things that glue us together.  I have found with my family if we make the effort to have fun, we tend to get a long so much better. When I was offered a variety of items from The Imagineering Store, I was so excited to see what they had to offer.  We received:

Duh! – $15.00: This is one of the funniest games we have ever played.  The premise of these cards is to ask questions that will make you think and laugh at the same time. Here is an example: Side one; the question: “Some months have 31 days.  How many have 28?”  Side two is the answer: All of them!!  I know, pretty silly.

WhatchamaDrawit – $17.00: This game is fun for as many people as you can fit into your home or it can be played solo. You will draw a card and then within 60 seconds, you much draw the suggestion on the card.  For example, you may be asked to draw a cow that has the head of a cat and the legs of a chicken.  You can imagine how funny these drawings turn out!

Opportunity Knocks Animals Door Hanger – $5.00: These are your standard knock knock jokes with a clever twist.  By utilizing both sides of the card, these door hangers have double the fun.  For instance: “Knock Knock”, “Who’s there”..”Lettuce”..”Lettuce Who?..”Lettuce alone, we are sleeping!!”  We have had a lot of fun hanging these on one another’s doors!

Opportunity Knocks Speech Bubbles Door Hanger – $5.00: More two-sided knock knock fun.

I must say my family has had a blast playing these new games from The Imagineering Store.  If you asked me which game we had more fun with, I wouldn’t be able to pick a clear winner.  We love testing our brains with Duh! But we also have such a great time with WhatchamaDrawit.  With the affordable prices from The Imagineering Store, why not choose a few?

One reader will win their choice of Duh! ($15.00) or WhatchamaDrawit ($17.00)

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  2. Duh sounds like it would be alot of fun. My English teacher once did a test like that…..20 questions. He told us to read over everything first. The last question was only answer number one. I think the whole class flunked. Sounds like same kind of fun.

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