Fun Ideas For Family Night
We have had a stretch of bad weather and it has me searching for fun ideas for family night.  We have been going stir crazy with the nasty, cold and wet weather we have had lately.  You know it’s bad when your own kids, who usually are outside no matter the weather, won’t go outside.  We were getting tired of watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory and the video games were getting old as well. I needed some fresh ideas before we all started turning on each other with the Nerf dart guns.  Here are some great ideas that are a bit different than what you may do in your home already.

Fun Ideas For Family Night

  • Camp Out on the Inside: This is really a cute idea for something different.  If you have a small pop up tent, set it up in the family room, have some hot dogs and chip and end the meal with s’mores.
  • Arts and Crafts: If you have kids, you probably have plenty of arts and crafts supplies at home.  Go online and get a few cute ideas for a few simple craft projects the whole family can do.  Do you have a retirement community or children’s hospital nearby?  How surprised would some of those folks be if you and your family showed up with a basket of handmade cards or beaded bracelets or a lanyard?
  • Get Formal: Why not dress up like you are going out to a fancy dinner without leaving the house?  Order out from your favorite restaurant, get out the good dishes and wear your Sunday best!  Doesn’t that sound fun?!
  • Storytelling:  This can go a few ways, but my favorites are either taking turn reading from a favorite book or taking turns making up a story.  To make this even more fun, have one person begin a story and then let each family member add their twist on it so it is a collaborative effort.
  • Movie Marathon: Pick a theme and rent a handful of movies in that genre and make a night of it.  Pop some popcorn, get some Milk Duds and Twizzlers and settle in for a great night of movies.  One of my favorite companies who always have great movies is the Inception Media Group.  If you love movies, no matter the category, the Inception Media Group probably has something for your family.

Finding Family Friendly Movies

I don’t know about you, but it seems I have more trouble finding family friendly movies lately.  We are pretty strict about what the kids are allowed to watch and we try to keep the subject matter as pleasant and harmless as possible.  We don’t watch any violence, a lot of cursing or sexual content at all. Inception Media Group, which was formed in 2009, that specializes in the production, acquisition and distribution of motion pictures as well as other formats like television, digital and home video.  Not only do they hold the much sought after iTunes Preferred Provider status which allows them to bring films to all iTunes Movie Stores around the world.  In addition to this honor, they also have a relationship with Netflix, Hulu, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video.  We were sent two really cute movies from the Inception Media Group and they were perfect for our family night.

Ghost Trap ($26.98):  is a really cute movie about a girl with a passion for science, a mysterious old woman, a weird but fun science teacher and some ghosts.  While outside testing an experiment, Cynthia Carter sets off a chain of events that leaves an old woman injured and very unhappy.  Cynthia is sentenced to helping the woman by bringing her meals and cleaning her house.  To say this woman is cranky is an understatement, but there may be a supernatural reason for her demeanor.  Cynthia ends up catching a pesky ghost in an old vacuum cleaner which she takes to her science teacher.  What happens next is a hilarious caper that pits Cynthia, her friends and their teacher against the supernatural.  Will we find out why the old woman is so mean?  You will need to watch to find out!!

Junior High Spy ($26.98): Staying in our Tween genre, we watched another really great family movie called Junior High Spy.  All is well for the Lazio family until the unthinkable happens.  Ricky Lazio, Jr. has a pretty cool dad, not only because he is an agent for the F.B.I. but because he is a fun and hands on dad.  When Ricky’s dad is kidnapped, it is up to Ricky to find him and Ricky thinks he may know the culprit who did this.  When Ricky goes to his dad’s office and explains what he feels is rock solid evidence, the agents in the office don’t believe him.  Feeling like he is in this alone, Ricky gets his best friend to help him find his dad.  Luckily, Ricky’s buddy is a pretty good, ok awesome with computers and Ricky has an arsenal of his dads spy gadgets.  You will be taken on a rollercoaster of a ride watching Ricky encounter all kinds of obstacles trying to get his dad.  Will Ricky and his friend find his dad?  You will need to watch to find out!!