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My kids are getting interested in cooking, so I have been looking for fun kitchen gadgets to make it even more fun!  We are a pretty colorful family, so it only seems fitting that we should have some colorful kitchen utensils!  My family is loud and we laugh a lot and we make life fun as often as possible.  I love the closeness cooking can offer when the whole family is involved in preparing a meal.  Now that the kids are older (14 and 11), they are able to take on more responsibility in the kitchen.  My daughter is always trying new recipes, which is so creative of her…now if I can just get her to clean up after she has created her meal!  Henry loves to measure and count things, so he is always up for baking something that takes several ingredients!!  Being all boy, Henry gets rough and tumble sometimes, so making chicken parmesan and pounding the chicken breasts is his favorite part!!

Cook In Color-CaitlinCook In Color is a fantastic place to find all sorts of funny, functional and unique kitchen accessories.  When you browse through the inventory at Cook In Color, you will immediately get drawn in by the brightly colored and hilarious kitchen tools.  I can assure you that when you shop at Cook In Color, your kitchen will be anything but boring!  If you have a budding chef or two in your family, Cook In Color has a special section just for them.  You can find anything from a Lady Bug Trivet to a Bloom Utensil Set which mimics brightly colored flowers.  You can also find several party favors that are just perfect for a cooking themed party for your chef and their friends.
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Make Cooking Fun For Kids

In order to hold your child’s interest in the kitchen, try and make cooking fun for kids.  When I was offered an assortment of cooking tools for my family, I could not wait for the box to come!  We were given the Kitchen Scrub Brush Premiere Doll ($8.99), The ConTENDER Ape Meat Tenderizer ($13.99) and the Measuring Spoons in Citrus colors ($6.99).  Caitlin was all about using the Doll Scrub Brush on the dinner dishes, which was a shock as she NEVER, volunteers to clean.  Henry was so excited when we decided to put the ConTENDER Ape Meat Tenderizer to good use.  We were watching Hell’s Kitchen and the chef’s made chicken parmesan and we decided to have it for dinner the following night.  When I told the kids what we were making, Caitlin said “HENRY, we get to beat up some chicken like Chef Gordon Ramsey. You should be really good at that!!”  I hope my pictures show how much fun the kids had with their new Cook In Color gadgets.  They have already asked for several items from the Kidsware section from Cook In Color.  I see a set of Ladybug mixing bowls and the Buckets of Fun kitchen starter set under the Christmas Tree this year! Free shipping.
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