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I love being a mom of two curious and busy young boys. They are always asking questions, watching me work, and all the while, just taking it all in! You know how kids will just quietly watch you going about your day? They are soaking in everything you do and are trying to figure out how you do what you do! They love to do craft projects with me, help me in the kitchen and watch me while I am on the computer or my tablet. I decided it would be great if the boys could have a tablet of their own. This way, they could sit next to Mommy and “work” on their tablet while she works on hers! VTech Kids has high quality products and an extensive product line. We just got the InnoTab 2S which is a step up from the InnoTab 2 with the addition of WifI. You can create a few logons, so each of your children and even their friends can all compete for high score.

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Fun Learning Tablet For Kids

When choosing a tablet, be it for an adult or child, there are many things to consider. I wanted the kids tablet to be as close to a fully functioning adult tablet as possible. Because we are on the go quite often, I wanted to be sure they could take a tablet with them. With the VTech InnoTab® 2S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet, you get an amazing fun learning tablet for kids. This tablet has so many features that you will not believe it! It has Wi-Fi capabilities, 2 GB of internal memory which can be SD Card expanded up to 32 GB. The table, which has a 5″ touch screen, is geared for kids ages 3-9, so that is perfect for my boys. It offers 17 apps that are already downloaded, a Wish List Maker and 2 free downloads. The stylus is perfect for Mason’s stubby fingers. It is easy for him to write and select objects. He has been busy tracing letters and numbers, and this summer he should be ready for K4.


Mason’s favorite game is the driving game on the Escape from Madagascar cartridge. Above he is making the Aw-Man! face as he hit another car. I love the Wish List Maker because the boys can look through hundreds of games, music, videos and books and add them to their list. This way, they do not come to me every 5 minutes telling me about something they want to download. With this feature, they can put them on the list and later I can look over the list and choose what I think suits their needs best. The InnoTab 2S also has a video recorder and 1.3 mega pixel camera with face recognition and it even has special effects! They can choose from 48 colors, stickers and tools in the Art Studio and edit their photos there. Honestly, this tablet can keep your kids occupied for hours and they are learning while they are having fun. The tablet comes in 2 colors and can be purchased where ever quality kids electronics are sold for $99.99. The VTech product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech.


  1. I would love to get an innotab tablet for my daughter! a feature that I think I would love is the wish list and how it will notify you on your cell

  2. The video recorder and 1.3 mega pixel camera with face recognition and it even has special effects

  3. I love the camera/video recorder! My boys always want to use the camera, so that is a huge plus!

  4. I love all the cute apps/games that you can use with this! My little guys would have so much fun!

  5. I like that it comes with 17 ready-to-use apps – and 2 free downloads to keep them entertained.

  6. I think my little nephew would love the Move and Crawl Ball-he is so active right now it would be perfect!

  7. I like the VTech InnoTab2S! I love that it comes with 17 apps already and then offers the choice to create a wish list. What’s even more appealing about it is the parental control of the content.

  8. I like the wide varity of apps and that they are fun and educational. I also like that it comes with 17 allready downloaded.

  9. My favourite feature is the expandable memory but that’s from a non-mom’s, adult perspective. What I think my nephew’sson would like best would be the camera.

  10. I love how the child can make a wish list and that I can receive and approve requests on my phone! And love the ebook feature! Awesome!!!

  11. I love the Brilliant Creations Beginner Laptop. They have so many great learning toys. Austin has the Spin and Learn Adventure Globe. We have a big Wishlist! lol

  12. I like this product the best! Because of the camera.. My son is always wanting my phone to record himself doing this and that!

  13. I like Mobigo 2. I have 2 neices ages 5 and 9.They love to play kid games online. My youngest neice loves,they have lots of fun games.Thank you 🙂

  14. The favorite feature is the camera – I think my granddaughter would love to take pictures.

  15. I really like the InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet Pink, it is a great, and fun way of teaching little ones, thank you:)

  16. I love that it is the V-Tech brand. I trust their product and they offer great learning toys for kids

  17. I like that it is expandable to 32GB with memory card slot to store more e-books, games and music.

  18. I love the Tote & Trace Drawing Board….I love that its easy for my granddaughter to carry along with her . She can bring it anywhere and it doesnt take up space and itss perfect for the car or in waiting rooms like the doctors. Its a great toy.

  19. I know my boys would love the camera feature! They always ask to take photos with my camera and phone.

  20. i like the Innotab it looks like a very educational device for a growing child to use and learn with

  21. My favorite feature of the Vtech InnoTab 2S is the integrated video camera. My daughter would have a lot of fun with it.

  22. I like that it has a camera too. My daughter loves playing with the camera on my tablet – she needs her own!

  23. My favorite feature is having a video recorder and 1.3 mega pixel camera with face recognition

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