Fun Night Lights For Kids

Fun Night Lights For Kids

Is it ok to use fun night lights for kids?  Why not?  If a child’s room is the haven where they are able to unwind and relax, why not jazz it up a bit with some fun touches.  It reminds me of the saying from our moms; “Remember, less is more”. That is how I view the kid’s rooms, especially with Henry.  Due to his autism, Henry is very, very particular about what goes into his room and if it will work according to his requirements.  Since it is his room, I defer to him whenever possible.  Obviously I won’t cater to his every whim, but as far as decorating, I feel pretty good about letting him decide.  Many kids with autism have trends in which an object moves from them liking it to being obsessed about it.  We have had SpongeBob and Spiderman phases where EVERYTHING had to have the character on it, which included everything from bedding to a dinner plate and cup.  That phase moved on to dinosaurs, so his bedroom currently is filled with dinosaurs on the walls, pictures and even his treasure box.  His latest thing is night lights, which is why I have reviewed more than one lately!  He has decided he wants to collect them and he cannot sleep unless they are all in his room and are all arranged on his bed in chronological order of the dates they were received. Oh how I love OCD!!

Jailbreak Collective is a really fun company that sells some really clever and unique products.  This indie company is located in Brooklyn, where I am pretty sure they find quirky inspiration several times a day!  I appreciate the fact that the folks at Jailbreak are looking out for their fellow artists by helping them get exposure for their craft.  On the Jailbreak website, you can find your very own Obama action figure or a “like” and “dislike” stamp, which I think is absolutely hilarious.  The talented people at the Jailbreak design studio imagine, dream, think out of the box and in general make people smile with their products.  That is what I am talking about folks…Smile!!  Have fun!! Don’t take life so seriously!

Colorful Bedroom Lights

So, now that Henry has a collection of colorful lights in his room, what could he possibly want?  Um…a light that looks like a big gummy bear candy.  The kids and I watch iCarly and there was an episode where Carly’s older brother Spencer makes her a gummy lamp to cheer her up.  The problem with the gummy lamp is that it was made with real gummy bear candies and they melted.  Bearing that in mind, when Henry saw me looking at the GummyGood night lights on Jailbreak’s website, he went bat crazy jumping on the bed and singing about gummy bears.  Thanks to the people at Jailbreak, they offered Henry a red GummyGood night light ($29.99) in red.  All you need to do is pop in 2 AA batteries, close up the battery cover, press your GummyGood’s tummy and enjoy the colored light show on your child’s ceiling.  The GummyGood light even has a hole in the back for hanging if you prefer.  We have enjoyed our red GummyGood light and I bet your little one would as well.

One reader will win a GummyGood night light ($29.99) in their choice of color, depending on availability.

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  1. My favorite products are the Book Darts. Awesome! And the ‘Memento Mori’ Mini Skull Candles Set. Those are just too cool!

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