I was just thinking the other day of all the fun things I have been able to do prior to getting married.  Not that life is not fun being married, but it is different.  There are definitely some fun things to do as a group with my friends when we were all single that I would not do now.  Not necessarily because the were risque, just things I would not spend my time on now.
One of the things we did as a group was have our fortunes told by a psychic,.  Have you ever done anything like that?  I have a few times, and have had so much fun with it!  The one friend of mine would have a psychic come over to her house once a year.  Whenever she did, the group of us would come over to have our fortunes told.  It was fun to hear the information everyone received.

Another fun thing we would do was go on trips. as a group  We had a blast one year when we went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  We had also planned it around seeing a heavy metal band – Pantera.  Heavy metal has never really been my “thing”, but we had a great time!  I even got to see a mosh pit!

Keep Up With Tradition

Of course we also did the normal things like go to movies and meet at some really yummy restaurants, which was always fun.  My one friend has, for years now, held a Christmas party that we all go to.  She started this tradition when we were all single and we have managed to keep up with tradition now as married couples with children.  We used to always do a grab bag which was just between “the girls”, but for the past few years we have done a grab bag which involves our husbands.

I love how our friendships have evolved throughout the years.  We certainly do not “hang out” like we used to, but when we do all get together it really is like nothing every changed.