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Fun Toys For Young Kids From Hasbro

I have two active boys who love to play. When the weather permits, which is often, the boys love to be outside. whether it is in the backyard, the park or the beach, they are good to go. There are those days that they prefer to play indoors or do something more quiet in the yard. As with most boys this age, they love to pretend play with their toys. As a parent, I love this because not only is it adorable, but I know it is developing their growing minds. The experts will tell you that children who pretend play when they are younger, do better in school when they are older. One of the toy companies I go to often for fun toys for young kids is Hasbro. I love the high standards they put to their products and the imaginative toys they develop.

Fun Toys For Young Kids

Do you have younger kids at home that are fascinated with characters from television and the movies? Many kids probably see an advertisement for an upcoming show or movie that peaks their interest. What many parents subsequently find is the toys that are made for that series or movie are intended for older kids. That can be hard to explain to the little kids who do not grasp how advertising for target audiences works! With Playskool from  Hasbro, they make fun toys for young kids and recently came out with a line of Transformers toys for the younger crowd.

The classic line of characters are now available in the Rescue Bots line and include 8 characters. If your kids love Optimus Prime, Bumblee, Chase The Police-Bot and the others, they will be thrilled with this line from Hasbro. The toys are extremely well made, a bright and colorful and transform just like the toys for the older kids.

In addition to the Transformers characters, Hasbro also has available several play sets that fit into the Transformers line. These toys are geared to help your child develop their fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development as well as their imaginative and cognitive learning. The toys are intended for kids 3 and up and sell for $12.99 each, where fine toys are sold.


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