One of my favorite things to shop for is clothing for my children!  Whether it be jeans and a cool shirt for my son or a pink, frilly dress for my daughter, I could shop for hours!  I am usually reluctant to order things online because you can’t touch the product with your own hands, to feel the quality of the fabric or see how well made it is.  In the past, I haven’t been too concerned about being “green” and buying organic clothing mainly because I didn’t really understand the difference, when it comes to clothes.   While reading more about organic clothing, I learned that cotton crops alone use over $2.6 billion dollars in pesticides.  And although we aren’t eating the cotton, cotton is used in the majority of children’s clothing, meaning that your children are being exposed to pesticides and chemicals just from wearing certain clothing.  With all the allergies and respiratory aliments that children can get these days, I want to do everything I can to protect from children from unwanted chemicals.

I was so excited when I came across the Funkoos website while looking for organic children’s clothing for my son and daughter.  Funkoos sent me an adorable 100% organic cotton short sleeve bodysuit to review.  The bodysuit is a clean white and “embroidered with multi-colored roses and a carousel horse with a brillant blue mane”.  The bodysuit is soft but feels thick and durable.  I washed it as soon as I received it and it came out of the dryer and looked great.  The 18-24 month size fit my daughter well and looked great paired with pink organic cotton shorts!   The bodysuit is reasonably priced at $23.99.

Funkoos also offers newborn baby clothes, sleepwear, hooded towels, bathrobes and bibs.  They also offer information for healthy recipe ideas for kids at the bottom of their website.  I love that Funkoos is dedicated to happy, healthy children and protecting the planet!  They even offer a 25% of discount on products when you recycle/donate baby apparel products to a local charity or Goodwill (with a receipt).  Want to learn more about the importance of buying organic?  There is also information on their website about why we should chose organic and about eco-friendly living.

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