With the recent sequence of development in the web and technology, we have skilled a massive ongoing transformation in the web development process. The online platform is being used for every single task from banking, shopping, reading daily updates and every single thing. The demand for web development is quite high and that is what the online web developers should aim at. If you happen to own a website of yourself, then you must be able to keep pace with the ongoing web development trends on the online platform.  From the website development up to the final execution of the online services, the meaning of each one of them changes every single day. Here are some of the leading web development trends that you need to look out for: 

 1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

A current study about cell phone usage is showing that mobile apps account for 87% of total mobile media time. Knowing that, target people get a similar mobile app format. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web applications that can appear to users like a mobile phone application but are web pages or unique websites. They aim to get native-like experience to users of all platforms and all mobile and other devices. According to Google report, 63% of mobile site visits are rejected if it takes longer than three seconds for them to load. Progressive Web Apps solve this big problem well. PWA combines the best of the web and all applications and users get nice and unique app experience without even installing an app. 

Technical experts working with assignment help Sydney and do my statistics homework says , PWA is giving you good experience (since URL is not shown), so brand identity is more clear and much stronger.  PWA is using push notification. You, as a controller , have a full control over when you want to ‘push’ to users. This is helping your users to re-engage to the website in a way good websites can’t. You can share your website content with any app that is on your device. PWA can do offline you don’t need the Internet connection and you will always have the latest version! Your content is always going to be present even if you have a poor connection.


Here are some of the brand companies that have already built a PWA 

Alibaba, Forbes, Twitter

2- Static Site Generators

The static site generators are a great way for the designing and development of websites. The best feature of this kind of website development is that there is no need for a database. Instead, the pages of the website feature as simple files which are running on the servers. This enhances the website loading speed along with ease of deployment and better security handling. Therefore, we can observe the incoming trend of static site generators in recent times.   Websites like python assignment help and buy argumentative essay are the best example of Static Site Generators.


Blockchain is a rapidly new technology that change the idea of being the business owner. The motto behind it belongs to a person or a set of people under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The technology basically underpinned the Bitcoin digital currency, but now get multiple uses and proves to be truly revolutionary. 

The root of blockchain technology lies in the use of a shared database that is regularly  reconciled. Billions of PCs host the records of the database, which updates every ten minutes. As the data are separated across so many PCs and there is no party imposing the data, it’s literally impossible to corrupt or tamper the way the blockchain functions. To ruin the blockchain, you’ll have to destroy every possible PC that may store the data or switch off the Internet on the Earth. 

Being invincible, the blockchain technology surpasses the expected ones in a number of ways. First of all, blockchain cannot be restrained by only a single party and destroyed by breaking a part of it. Secondly, the data of the network are free and handy to everyone who needs them. Thirdly, it’s almost impossible to hack the blockchain. To do this, the hacker will have to revoke the data on billions of computers. Next, the blockchain is the embodiment of decentralization. 

There is no scale inside the blockchain, which makes all the transaction parties equal. Blockchains are bound to see their rise and become one of the supreme web development trends 2019. Blockchains enable the creation of Smart Contracts, supply chain auditing, provide for world class decentralized file storage and enable automatic protection of intellectual property. What’s more, they open new thought for peer-to-peer commerce and crowdfunding. These things examined, blockchain technology got traction and will reveal more of its power .Keep an eye on its boost and, probably, you’ll be the first in your business to benefit from it. 

Flutter for Native Apps

Google Flutter is a main path breaker in cross-platform application arena. Rather of offering native-like apps, Flutter builds the superb native apps in less time. Since its inception, Flutter is definitely picking up its pace and fame among customers worldwide. 

After the release of Flutter on December by Google, we have seen more heads turn towards the compact UI toolkit. The usage of Dart has grown many times with the Flutter in the market. Flutter 1.0 has got some unbelievable partnerships with Firebase, Square, and Codemagic. Their community is expanding day by day and is on its way to beat react native.