While indoor plants from Gaddy’s Indoor Plant Hire provide obvious aesthetic and health benefits for any office, they provide surprising boosts to focus, morale and productivity for coworkers and employees. In this age of information overload, an improvement in concentration and quality of work makes a big difference for any business.

  • Plants Wake You Up: When we breathe out carbon dioxide in an enclosed space, it contributes to drowsy feelings. Plants provide a defense against Monday morning grogginess by soaking up this carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. It’s healthier for the workforce than coffee, while also looking prettier and smelling nicer too. As a bonus, removing carbon dioxide will help fight those caffeine headaches for everyone who can’t give up their coffee.
  • Stress Relief: Anyone who takes their job seriously understands that the workplace can get tense and stressful when a deadline approaches. Studies have shown that placing a plant in a room leads to lower stress levels for anyone living or working in it. What is the science behind this? It’s mostly just a simple matter of introducing nature to the work environment. Plants are a calming presence that can feel far removed from the typical technology-driven modern workplace.
  • They Build Cooperation: When coworkers have more things that they mutually care about, teamwork starts to develop. If a workforce can coordinate delicate plant care, then they can surely collaborate efficiently on any of their work projects. Office plants are one of the finer details and they can help teach a staff to become more detail-oriented.
  • Colours Spark Different Moods: It’s no secret that different colours bring out different things in individuals. While it can be a matter of taste, certain colours can make an individual feel more creative, while others help them hone in on details. Consider the nature of the work, they layout of the office, different roles among employees and how the colors will work in the scheme of the office. Feel free to ask Gaddy’s lots of questions to help you get the most out of your plant hire displays and floral arrangements and make your office as productive as it can be.