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Games For The Family

I am always looking for games for the family to play together.  I remember playing games with my parents and siblings when I was little and its a fond memory I want to pass onto my kids.  Luckily for me, both of my girls love to play games…more often than not in fact!  We schedule game time each day because Mommy needs to get stuff done around the house and can’t play 24/7.  I love to find new exciting games so when I was asked to review Spot It Jr. Animals by Blue Orange Games I was all for it.  Typically, when I receive a review item I put it in my office and set aside time to review it.  In this case, my daughter wanted it right away so game time came early that day.  It was tons of fun and very easy for her to pick up, she’s 4.5 years old.  This became her new favorite game, each day we would play and it went back on the shelf (it never ended up in my review pile and I never checked it in that I received it..eeek), we were too busy playing with it and having fun I had forgotten I had to review it.  Better late than never, right?  At least the game has been thoroughly played and I have a lot to say about it.

Matching Games For Kids

I have found most matching games for kids a little boring.  You have a bunch of cards and you take turns flipping them over to see if you find a match, although it is good for the young memory its a little taxing for the adult.  Spot It Jr. Animals brings the matching game to a whole new level, it keeps your attention, its exciting and gets your blood pumping.  Each card has 6 different colorful animals on it.  There are 5 different games to play: Twins, The Tower, The Well, Hot Potato and Triplet.  The games are for ages 4 and up and for 2-6 players.  The game comes in a cute little tin that protects the cards and keeps them all together, its a great size to take on trips because you don’t have to deal with a bulky box.  The cards themselves are laminated and are a nice weight, very sturdy and are holding up well for all the play they are seeing.  The games for my daughter’s age range are Twins (two cards are flipped over, both players need to find the match and call it out, whoever does that first wins the cards, whoever has the most cards wins), The Tower (each person gets a card and the rest of the pile goes in the middle, flip over your card and whoever calls out their match first wins the card in the center pile, they place it face up and create a tower, whoever has the most cards wins) and The Well (one center card in the middle and remaining cards dealt to each player, everyone flips over the card at the same time whoever gets a match and calls it out gets to put their card in the center pile, whoever runs out of cards first wins).  We started off playing Twins over and over until she really got the hang of it and then moved on to the harder games.  She had a blast and was screaming the names of her animals to make sure she was first!  When I asked her what her favorite game was she said “twins mommy because I beat you every time”!  It’s a great family game that we all enjoyed playing.  Even though her sister is a little young she loved looking at the cards and pointing to the animals.  You can purchase this game for $9.99.

Blue Orange Games carries a great variety of family games including: Tell Tale, Chef Cuckoo and Shrimp Cocktail.  You can purchase these games on Amazon, the Blue Orange Games website or at local retailers that carry Blue Orange.  Check them out on Facebook for more information!