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Games To Play On A Summer Day From ThinkFun Review

Games To Play On A Summer Day

Well, the kids are out of school and it is hot as blazes outside, I hope you have some games to play on a summer day!  Our family is crazy for game night and we are always open to trying new games.  We have a healthy competition going in our family.  Don’t you think it is a great way to teach the kids about winning and losing?!  The loser has to clean up from dinner and winner gets to have a free day from chores on the day of their choice.  I like it this way.  No money changing hands, just trading skill for labor.  Works for me!!

In 1985, Bill Ritchie and his wife Andrea Barthello created ThinkFun out of a love for puzzles.  The couple created the Hexadecimal Puzzle, their first game, in their!  Fast forward 25+ years and ThinkFun is a huge success.  The philosophy of the ThinkFun family is to create products that inspire creativity while teaching kids to problem solve.  With our brain being a muscle, we need to keep it strong and by using the ThinkFun products; you are giving your brain a great workout!!

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Research shows if you play with puzzles, it keeps your brain sharp. My kids love puzzles of any kind and they are pretty good at solving them quickly.  When I was offered a chance to review the ThinkFun game UnHinged ($14.99), I couldn’t wait to play it with the kids.  The basic premise of the game is to take the 10 hexagons, which are hinged together, to form one of 40 challenges.  With the pieces being hinged, you can fold them or flip them to create the pattern in the challenge.  Here is a quick how-to video for UnHinged. This is not only a fun game but it is addictive!  I bet we played for almost 2 hours before we realized it!  The other great feature about this puzzle game is you can take it anywhere!  Last week I had to take the kids to an appointment with me and we brought UnHinged with us.  The kids played it the whole time I was there and they didn’t make a peep!  This is a great game for kids and adults alike who will find themselves also spending hours playing this fun game.

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