MiracleGro gardening with kids


This post features materials provided by Scotts Miracle Gro. Gardening has brought me a sense of peace. Sometimes life can get a bit crazy for me, and gardening always brings me back to my center. This is a skill I want to teach to my kids. I also have learned an appreciation of how food makes it to my table. This lesson is just as important to pass on. I think a lot of kids in this generation are used to things being handed to them and have no sense of “working” for the rewards they get. With gardening, you have to actually work to get the proverbial fruit at the end. However, when you are gardening with kids, you have to make it a little easier for them. You know set them up for success. I use the Miracle-Gro Gro-ables because they are guaranteed to grow!

MiracleGro gardening with kids


In just a few short days we already saw a sprout in our pod we planted! Mason was very excited to see how what he planted was growing. We mixed up the pods when planting so it will be a surprise plant!

Gardening with kids

When you are gardening with kids, remember the following tips to help them get the most out of the experience.

Tips For Gardening With Kids

  1. Get Dirty: Just face it, you are playing in the earth. You and you children will get dirty. Embrace the dirt and worry about cleaning up the mess when you are finished.
  2. Let them decide: If you let your kids make their own choices of what they grow and where to plant, they gain a sense of ownership over the project. This way the plants are truly theirs and they are not just helping mommy.
  3. Give them responsibility: Let them do the watering, weeding, singing (yes we sing to our plants), and bug checks. This is how they learn working for a reward instead of just helping. Of course, gentle reminders of “it’s time to water the plants, and oops look at that pesky weed” are completely appropriate.

You can give your children a lifetime hobby and an appreciation of the planet we live on! Ready to get gardening? You can win a Gro-ables prize pack to get you started! The pack is valued at $100 and includes the following:

  • Gro-ables seed pods
  • Steel watering can
  • Decorative Herb Plant Labels
  • Gardening Gloves

Tell me your gardening tip below & enter to win!

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