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If you are looking for a wild and exciting place to visit in Orlando, you should visit Gatorland, one of the most popular and oldest attractions in the Kissimmee area.  The Gatorland theme park and wildlife preserve covers an impressive 110 acres and was founded in 1949 by Owen Godwin.  Today, more than 50 years later, the Godwin family still owns and operates the popular attraction.

Gators under tree

When you arrive at Gatorland, the first thing you will see is the famous concrete alligator jaws that happen to be the entrance to the park.  The park is well known for rescuing alligators that are in danger of being caught by poachers who want them for their skins and teeth. They are pretty tame as you can see! (NOT)

Riding an alligator

At Gatorland, also known as the “Alligator Capital of the World”, you will find alligators and crocodiles numbering in the thousands, including the rare leucistic alligators.  Leucism is a condition in animals that is caused by a recessive gene that reduces the pigments in the skin, which makes the animal white. Of the 15 leucistic (not to be confused with the more common albino alligator) alligators in the world, 4 live in Gatorland.  When you visiting Gatorland and wonder if these famous alligators are mean, just stare into the scary blue eyes of the meanest of the bunch; Trezo Je.

baby turtle with mom

While at Gatorland, you are treated to a variety of wildlife, including beautiful birds, deer, emus and the zebu, which is a member of the cattle family that can be found in hotter climates like Africa and India.  You can walk along the boardwalk or climb into the observation tower, both of which are located at the breeding marsh.  While you are at Gatorland, you can take in a show or two that will get your heart pumping!  At the Gator Jumparoo Show, experienced handlers will hold food high above the water from where a huge gator will jump almost 5 feet and grab the food out of the trainer’s hands.  You can also make your way over to the shaded stadium that can seat 800 people, where you will see gator wranglers wrestle a gator.  The wrangler will catch a gator by the hand, that measure up to 8 feet in length and will climb on to the gators back.  Be sure to check out the special tours available like the Trainer for a Day or a behind the scenes tour to see what most guests won’t see on a regular tour.

Jeana and JEn with a tarantula

If you dare, you can participate in the ride of a lifetime on the new Screamin’ Gator Zip Line ride.  The ride takes you on a course that covers 1,200 feet of the beautiful grounds of Gatorland.  The course includes 5 zip lines that range from 230 to more than 500 feet in length.  You will launch from zipline towers that are more than 70 feet tall and have a multitude of launch pads of varying heights.  At almost 30 MPH, you will soar above the park where you will be treated to an arial view of crocodiles and alligators.  As part of the tour, you will cross the swinging bridge that rises above the parks walkway.

funny alligator image

For you night owls, you can enjoy the Gator Night Shine that takes you on an adventure where you will walk along the walkways with your flashlight and a few hot dogs to feed those hungry gators.  In the dark, all you are going to see staring back at you from the dark and mysterious waters are the red eyes of some of the biggest alligators around.  If you are brave enough, you are invited to try out the Nighttime Screamin’ Gator Zip line tour at Gatorland!  You will glide above those dark waters with those red eyes following your every move.  Let’s hope those ziplines are high enough to keep the gators from snapping at your behind!

wild bird

For the younger guests to Gatorland they will have a blast at the petting zoo where they can interact with several of the more docile animals at Gatorland.  Your school, church or scout troop is invited to sign up for the educational tours and programs offered by the park.  If you can’t make it over to Gatorland, you may be able to see a small slice of it on their traveling shows that are booked by private parties and other events.  Here you will see the experienced handlers wrestling with huge alligators or handling the extremely long and strong pythons and those lizards with the creepy long tongues!  Here you will learn about these awesome creatures and other interesting aspects of the show.

  • Tickets: Single Adult 13 & up: Day pass is $24.99,  Annual pass $45, Single Child (3-12) $16.99, Annual Pass $31.99 and the Nite Shine Tour $19.99
  • Hours: Open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Location: 14501S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida 32837
  • Contact: Phone: (407) 855-5496 or (800) 393-5297, customerservice@gatorland.com

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