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Gear For Kidz Headphones

I think every parent has purchased toy versions of electronics for our kids only to have them break or not work well and we end up giving them our much more expensive adult versions to use anyways.  Laurie Peterson had this exact same problem, which is why she founded Kidz Gear.  She was determined to make a quality line of products and accessories that had adult product features, performance, and quality levels, but at a more affordable price consistent with other children’s products.  Kidz Gear was born, and they’re now the #1 selling brand of Headphones for kids!  They offer a line of high-quality, fully functional, and ergonomically designed products just for kids!

Kidz Gear’s Wired Headphones For Kids are an award winning product.  They’re comfortable, trendy, and best yet, they have a volume limit cable built in so that you can rest assured your children’s ears will be safe!  They also offer Wireless Car Headphones, Headphones with added controls specifically for use with iPods, iPads, and iPhones (also with volume limiter), a Volume Limit Cable so you can control the volume on any headphones, or even great package deals so that you can save even more money if you have multiple kids you’re buying for!  Kidz Gear’s award winning Wired Headphones are a bargain at just $19.99, and when you commit to the Kidz Gear brand, you know you’re buying quality.  With performance equivalent to most “adult” brands of electronics, but able to stand up to even the roughest kid, you can rest assured that you won’t have to purchase headphones (or other electronics) over and over again.

We purchased my step-daughter an iPod a couple of years ago for Christmas.  Now, she’s had severe ear problems her whole life, and has suffered hearing loss substantial enough that doctors are now reccomending hearing aids.  I hated the idea of ear buds in her ears, and in addition to that, she was a budding pre-teen, so loud music was cool.  We searched for good headphones that would allow her to listen to her music, but would not contribute to further damaging her ears.  Now that we’ve found Kidz Gear iPod headphones, I’m no longer worried about her further damaging her hearing, and she now has good quality headphones that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg!  Take it from me – once you try Kidz Gear, you won’t go back! If you are thinking of something special to treat yourself on Mother’s Day, sometimes the gift of silence is golden. You can win this May 1 -18 at the mothers day gift ideas event.

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