I have had my desktop computer for a while and it has been a solidly dependable machine.  With my having the computer for so long, it has gotten slower and less dependable than it has in the past.  Recently I was working on a document and all of a sudden my screen went black and then there was a long pause and then a blue screen showed up.  I had no idea what this meant but it looked pretty scary, so I turned it off.  A friend of mine knows a bit about computers and when I described to him what happened, he said I had gotten the dreaded “blue screen of death”.  If I wasn’t worried before I spoke to my friend, I was now.  He told me it could be something as simple as a virus or as serious as a blown motherboard. He told me to let a professional take a look at it because this wasn’t something you wanted to try and do an internet search and try to fix yourself.  He suggested I visit Geek Squad online and contact one of their technicians for help.



When you initially visit the online Geek Squad, you see an organized and easy to steer website.  I wasn’t sure which service to try first, so I read about the self-help as well as the remote help and I decided the remote help was my best option.  The remote help is very easy to use, is available 24/7 and is manned by trained technicians who are dedicated to getting to the bottom of your computer problems.  First thing you do is set up your account, and then go to the list of services available and the prices for each service.  If you know what service you want, you can click on it and go forward.  If not, you can click on an available agent tab and they will help you decide which service is best for you.  Since I had no idea what was wrong, I clicked on the agent tab and I was connected in less than 20 seconds.  After chatting about my problem, the agent proposed an offer which included what service they recommended, what the service would accomplish and how much it would cost.  I trusted their advice, so I accepted the offer and the agent went to work.  The agent took control over my computer and began running a series of test, downloaded anti-virus software and began cleaning up my computer. Basically, a tune up. While he was working, I was able to go about my evening and he called me when he was through. I was very impressed with the professional service, the affordable prize as well as the resolution of my problem.  I would definitely recommend Geek Squad as a reliable and efficient service.

Robert Stephens, a man who wanted to help people fix their computers, founded Geek Squad in 1994.  Stephens only had a few hundred dollars in his pocket and he didn’t even have a car!  Stephens was not deterred by his circumstances; in fact, they drove him to build his company.  In less than 10 years, Best Buy partnered with Geek Squad and the company quickly became a household name as the first dedicated computer support company in the country.  In addition to their presence in the Best Buy stores, Geek Squad also has a comprehensive online service, stand-alone stores and home help.  Based on the reasonable prices and the many options with their online service, this has become a popular alternative to taking your computer to another location to be serviced.  Geek Squad does much more than fix computers, as they have a huge array of services.  Geek Squad can do everything from helping you program your television remote to setting up a complex stereo sound system!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.