GelaSkins Scratch Resistant Laptop Skins

The GelaSkins Scratch Resistant Laptop Skins are the perfect solution for my laptop.  I have a 17 inch laptop that I use frequently and I am always worried about it getting scratched and damaged.  Since I use it so much, I leave it up on a shelf on my entertainment center for easy access.  Unfortunately, my two children are still able to reach it and there has been more than one episode of a toy getting tossed on top of it or dragged across it!  I have been looking for some sort of protection for it without having to constantly keep it in a case.

Protective Cover for Laptop Computer

The GelaSkins provides a safe, scratch resistant protective cover for my laptop computer.  Although GelaSkins are super thin measuring less than 1mm, they provide tough scratch protection.  The GelaSkins are created with 3M technology that makes them super easy to apply.  The skins can also be removed easily and cleanly so that you can change out your GelaSkins when you want a new look.  And speaking of new look, there are over 100+ artists showcased on this site so you can choose a design that is personal and unique.  If you are not seeing a design that you like, you can also upload a picture to create a GelaSkins that is one of a kind and personal to you!

Protective Skin for Cell Phones

Not only does GelaSkins make scratch resistant laptop skins, they also offer protective skins for cell phones.  The laptop sleeves are available for most computer brands and sizes and if you don’t see one that will work for your computer, you can have one custom made to fit your computer!  The GelaSkins are also available for phones, ipad/tablets and iPods.  I love all the different designs that GelaSkins offers and how rare and unique they are.  Since 2005, GelaSkins has compiled a gallery of award winning illustrators, up and coming artists, masters as well as charitiable organizations.  A portion of each skin, case or print sold goes directly back to the creator to support and promote independent artists.

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