KendallGelThoticsDo you suffer from foot pain, flat feet, high arches or plantar fasciitis?  How about heel pain, or pain in the ball of your foot?  If you do, then allow me introduce you to Kendall GelThotics.

I have tried orthotics before and frankly I have found them not to work very well, and to not be very convenient.  They are difficult to get in and out of shoes and frankly, I have not received much relief from them.

Kendall GelThotics is a very different story.  They are made of 100% Silicone, extremely comfortable with the highest level of shock absorbency. They easily transfer in and out of any shoe, and they don’t slide around.  They are odor and bacteria resistant, and if you want to clean them – it’s a snap, just throw them in your washing machine, dishwasher or use any kitchen spray cleaner.

Gelthotics is specifically designed to relieve heel pain since it cradles the perimeter of your foot.  It is also designed for arch pain relief with incredible arch support which retains your foot to a healthy position.  Lastly, it is designed for forefoot, or ball of foot, pain relief since it is designed to redistribute the pressure and shock across the ball of your foot.

As I mentioned before, GelThotics works in any shoe…boot, gym shoe, casual shoe and even heels.  For shoes that have a removable insole, you would remove the insole and then the GelThotic fits right in.  For shoes with insoles that cannot be removed, you would simply place the GelThotic right in the bottom of the shoe on top of the insole.  Apparently most of my shoes have an insole that cannot be removed and they fit perfectly and were of the utmost comfort.

GelThotics are sold for $59.99, but thanks to the generosity of Kendeall GelThonics they are offering all the readers of Makobi Scribe a 25% off discount by using the promo code “twitter”.
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