Geocaching – Off Your Rocker and Truck Stops

When Daddy came home, the boys and I took him Geocaching to show him what fun we had been up to. We decided to search out the traditional Off Your Rocker series at Cracker Barrel, but we could not for the life of us find that duck! I think he waddled away! OF course we ate breakfast and then made our plan for our next find. We had to go to the truck stop where Noah had his truck to exchange some items. There were two geocaches there so we tried to find them both. The first was hidden up in  alight pole and was a mini cache. A mini cache is when you just sign a log to say that you were there with no exchange of treasure. Then, we drove around the corner to a deserted building to look for another cache. Sometimes, I find, people abandon their caches and this was one of them. The cache actually had a red ant nest in it!

Colonial Motel – Fort Myers, FL

This one was fun. Watching Noah trying to locate this geocache was hilarious. We were both tracking it with our Android software and it was well touchy and not so pinpoint accurate. We had a muggle drive by looking at us like we were nuts! It was in a big ol’ weed field at the end of a cul-de-sac behind a motel on Colonial. The two big boys went scouting the location first.Colonial Motel Geocaching

Then Mason and I got out to help. So much for the quick park and grab! soon all four of us were searching through the weeds!Weed trapsing

When we all got out, we were full of hitchhikers!

Geocaching Find

This is always the best part! The picking of the treasure. We signed the log book, and Jakobi took half of forever to pick out what he wanted. Last time, it was a bandage; and this time, he opted for a slimy frog!Found it!

Photo Credit: Noah Medeiros, Technical Editor

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