What Toddlers Wear While GeoCaching at Manatee Park in Fort Myers, FL

geocaching toddler gear

This morning before it started to rain. Yes, it was early, around 7 a.m.; we decided to check out Manatee Park. We go here often to see the manatees poking their noses above the water when it gets colder, so we thought this (Mommy thought) that this would be an easy find. Well, let me tell you… It seems sometimes the coordinates are no longer the right ones due to an important sign being moved. We had tried to do the virtual cache first, which meant you had to answer a question about a sign; but the sign was not there!

We did, however, stumble upon a few really cool, side-tracking picture taking moments however, and Mason was entranced by the butterflies. He kept running around shrieking and trying to catch them.

Manatee Park Geocaching

Even though we did not find the virtual cache, we tried to find the geocache which was a mini-cache. This usually means that it is just a piece of paper for you to sign to prove that you have been to the spot and that you located the hide.  As you can see, in the picture below, Mason was very interested in leaning over the boardwalk checking out the water. I was worried about him losing his balance (you can also see how he lost his rubber boot on the playground) and falling in the water. We opted (mommy decided) to come back with Daddy so he could poke around the boardwalk to find the geocache while I watched Maaon and Jakobi.  So no find, but tons of fun, fresh air and exercise. Can’t wait for tomorrow…

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