We are NEW Fort Myers, FL Geocachers

I get really excited about the cool new things I find on the internet that can somehow bring my trucker husband and our family closer. Geocaching is just one of those cool things. It is a treasure hunting game that people all over the world play. People hide containers of really cool stuff, called geocaches, outdoors and then you locate them with a gps device and then share your experiences you had finding them online with other Cache finders.  Noah will be able to play with us and take our cache finds all over the United States and bring us cache to exchange. We can track his caches online and interact a little with him more as a family.

Today will be our first Geocaching adventure! We are MedeirosMedley from Fort Myers, FL. I had stumbled across a Geocaching post and was intrigued. So, like the good researcher that I am, soon I had found Geocaching, Waymarking, and Whereigo as well as my local chapter of Florida GeoCaching.

I even found a local yearly festival Florida Finders Fest that I am going to try my darnedest to get there.

NeonGeo is the application that I downloaded for my Android. It was $4.99. Not a bad investment to get your family up and outdoors. You can also get GCBuddy for an iPhone, CacheSense for a Blackberry and use Certitude on the web. After you download the app you enter your address and a bunch of geocaches pop up!

Once I saw how many Geocaches were areound where I lived, we just could not wait to get going. I love the thrill and adventure of the hunt. so we scoured the house for some good trade boots (geocache) and came up with a silver elephant charm, special gaming dice and moonstones. I did not really know what caliber of cache I needed to trade so I wanted to have my bases covered. I also put it in a plastic bag because I read some caches were wet or water-logged. I sealed with a follow me @makobiscribe sticker to further connect with geocachers. (Did I mention I dive in to things I like head first?)cache

I even found a couple cool sites like Space Coast Geocachers that sell geocaching booty for great hides and stash swag. They are about an hour’s drive from me and we will be visiting them soon!

Check out our list of caches below: