I’ve recently been looking for ways to help my child save for college.  I’m pretty impressed with the Gerber Life College Plan.  There’s a lot of things about it that just seem like it’d be common sense, yet the Gerber Life College Plan is the only college plan that offers it.  For example, did you know that it is the only college plan that is also adult life insurance?  Or that it features a stable growth will never lose it’s value?  How about the fact that your child doesn’t even have to use the guaranteed cash payout for college?  That’s right, he or she can use the money for anything from a new car to good old fashioned rainy day fund.

You can be taking serious risks if you use a mutual fund or stocks for college planning.  With the Gerber Life College Plan, you are guaranteed to never lose value.  You’ll always at least get back what you put in.   In today’s unstable financial times, a guarantee like that carries a tremendous amount of weight.  It’s nice to have something you can count on no matter what happens, especially when it comes to your child’s future.  Give it a look today!