Get A Good Night's Sleep

Are you one of those people who falls asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow? My husband and son are, and it makes me super jealous! My daughter and I are the ones in the family who toss and turn and cannot seem to fall asleep for hours. After getting up an down, kicking blankets off and pulling them back on, I wake up feeling like I never even slept. This can also happen to people who used to be able to fall asleep easily but now have sleep issues. A poor nights sleep can lead to feeling constantly tired and sleepy during the day, inability to concentrate and even depression. If you have trouble falling and staying asleep, here are some tips that may help:

4 Steps To Getting A Good Nights Sleep

4 Steps To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Mattress: Do you have a good mattress? Many people may think they do when in fact they do not. If you have a mattress that is more than 7-10 years old, is lumpy or too hard or too soft, you may need to replace your mattress.
  2. Lighting: When you think of light in your bedroom, you may think of the type of lamp you have. This is one thing to look at, as a bulb that is too bright is not conducive to a good nights sleep. Also, if you have light peeking in from your curtains, you can also have interrupted sleep. If you have a street lamp, car headlights or other distractions coming into your room via the curtains, you will have trouble sleeping. Consider getting black out curtains and make sure they cover the entire window.
  3. Electronics: A bedroom should be for two things; sleeping and sex. You should not have a TV, computer, tablet or other electronic devices going on in your bedroom. These will keep your brain too busy and that keeps you from falling asleep.–However, some electronic devices may help you have a good night’s sleep. Although some might think otherwise, many people have tried headphones for sleeping and know that they can help you sleep. It’s always a good idea to research them online so you can find the ones that meet your needs and are beneficial to your sleep
  4. Pillow: If you do not have the right pillow, you will not be able to easily fall asleep. The rule of thumb for choosing the right pillow is similar to that of a mattress. If your pillow is lumpy, too hard or too soft, you probably have sleep issues. When choosing a pillow, consider one made of organic wool like those from Soaring Heart. These pillows are not only eco friendly but they are sleep friendly as well!

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I have been in need of a good pillow for more than a year now. I usually buy my pillows from the retail stores and they end up getting all lumpy and misshapen within a few months. They may be less expensive, but if I am replacing them every 2-3 months, I end up spending more than I would have for a better pillow. One huge factor you need to consider when choosing a pillow is what filling you have. If you have a pillow with polyfoams and chemicals, you are sure to be tossing and turning through the night as well as not feeling up to par. With the pillows from Soaring Heart, you will not find any synthetics, but instead, you will get materials that are natural, organic, and grown responsibly—no synthetics and have no chemicals.

Soaring Heart outsources to small farms and ranches for their organic cotton and wool, making sure you have a quality product. Instead of mas producing an inferior product, the pillows and mattresses from Soaring Heart takes the time to insure your mattress or pillow is made properly. I love my springy-soft and firm (but not too firm) organic wool pillow. My pillow is made from organic wool, a blend of eight breeds of sheep’s wool gathered from small farms along the California and Oregon coasts. I am a side sleeper, to the firm organic wool pillow from Soaring Heart is perfect for me. It keeps my neck and spine in proper alignment and gives me the prefect nights sleep. At just $65, my pillows are affordable and I know will last me for years, not just a few months. If you have trouble sleeping at night, you may nee to get yourself an organic wool mattress or pillow from Soaring Heart. Be sure to stay current and follow Soaring Heart on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. One USA reader will win one organic wool pillow from Soaring Heart ARV $65.

What changes can you make to get a good night’s sleep?