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Kaeng Raeng

Bikini season is among us and if you are anything like me, you've procrastinated to this point. Fortunately, Kaeng Raeng is here to save the day. Kaeng Raeng is an all natural, nutritional meal replacement cleansing program. Its name means "be healthy, be strong" in Thai, but is made entirely in the USA.

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Kaeng Raeng is vegan, gluten free, soy free, caffeine free and free from all artificial colors and flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, laxatives or stimulants.

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There's no wonder that it is one of the best selling cleanses on Amazon and is favored by users and celebrities all over the world. Cleanses are all the rage right now, and it is easy to see why.

Kaeng Raeng for weight loss

3 Ways Cleansing Will Help You Get Bikini Body Ready

  1. Great Skin: Clear skin is one of the most obvious benefits of cleansing. Your skin, being the largest organ, will look smoother and clearer and your acne may even be reduced. By abstaining from traditional foods, especially dairy, and filling your body with high quality nutrients and vitamins, your skin will take on a beautiful glow after just 3 days.
  2. Increased Energy: Cleansing allows you to rid your body of the carbs, sugars, caffeine, fried foods and other high glycemic index junk that will normally make you feel sluggish.
  3. Weight Loss: Weight loss is the greatest benefit for most who decide to do a cleanse. Since you are replacing bad foods with the cleanse, you are drastically reducing your caloric intake.

Kaeng Raeng Cleansing ReviewKaeng Raeng is the ideal cleanse because it is a delicious, convenient and affordable option. To do the cleanse, simply mix one meal replacement pouch with 24oz of cold liquid 3 times per day at mealtime for a 32oz smoothie that is packed with 15g of protein and 12g of fiber.

Users are encouraged to supplement the smoothies with raw fruits and vegetables. The cleanse encourages users to eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as their hearts desire, so you will not be fasting or starving.

 Kaeng Raeng is convenient for my on-the-go lifestyle. I can simply mix my favorite flavor, Blueberry Banana, with water and off I go! I am even able to jazz Kaeng Raeng up a bit when I find time in my daily routine.

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Adding a little bit of fresh orange juice sweetens its taste and still keeps it at around 20g of sugar in a 24oz. serving. If you are ready to get bikini body ready, Kaeng Raeng can be purchased directly from Kaeng Raeng, Amazon or at select Whole Foods Markets.

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