Apple TV4 is the fourth generationhhtp of Apple TV and has been in the marketplace for just a few months into 2016, offering a lot of attractive features for users, such as:

  • Access to American Netflix
  • Siri
  • A swipe-enabled remote
  • Lots of new apps
  • Lots of new games
  • Movie rentals
  • Movie purchases
  • Streaming services
  • Canadian apps, Shomi, and CraveTV

Unblocking American Netflix

The process of unblocking American Netflix never costs you a penny, nor does the site ask for a credit card number, so rest assured the trial is completely free.

  • Proceed to Unblock-Us and enter your email address. Press the “Start Trial” button directly below your entered information.
  • This signs you up for the free seven-day trial. Please have a Mac or PC as the DNS codes on your computer are compatible with Unblock-Us DNS codes. You must set up Unblock-Us on your computer for the DNS codes to work on your Apple TV.
  • Next, proceed to the Unblock-Us home page. When you see three lit bars, you have set everything up correctly. Proceed to the Netflix Region Picker and press the U.S. version of Netflix. Here you will press the icon to update the screen .
  • Now you must configure the DNS codes on Unblock-Us on your Apple TV. You may find the process will differ somewhat depending on if you have an older or newer generation Apple TV. These are instructions for the new Apple TV4 .
  • You should now have access to American Netflix. At this point, use your Apple TV to access and enjoy your free American Netflix. After seven free days, you are charged about $5.00 per month. You may also be entitled to a discount offer, so check the box below carefully.

An Array of Netflix Entertainment

American Netflix offers a generous abundance of TV shows, American films. You will be able to gain legal access to TV shows you could not otherwise watch. Some of the best and most popular shows and originals are on Netflix. Netflix has them all: originals, documentaries, hidden categories, and much more.

Apple TV has partnered with Netflix DNS Codes and Unblock-Us for a significant savings and cost of only 99 cents

In Conclusion

Before you start this process of using Unblock-Us, be sure to write down your current server addresses and setting. You will need these numbers for a backup.

After you setup, the DNS codes restart your device. Go to the Unblock-Us website to check on your device. You may see an area asking you to update your IP address; just follow the instructions. After you setup the DNS, restart your device.

Check that the device is setup by going to the website. Make sure you have the DNS configuration on a device with a browser so you can check your service. Check that you get three green bars in the middle of the page. Follow the on-screen instructions if a message appears asking to update your IP address.