Fake Bake

Since tanning in the sun and in a tanning bed can be so dangerous for your skin, it’s nice to have other, safer options.  Options that can give you the bronzed beach look but without all the other side effects are my preference.  I used to be able to lie out in the sun all day with just oil or water on my skin when I was growing up and would not burn at all – now I burn when I’m outside for just 30 minutes, and I have a slightly darker tone to my skin!

Bronzy Baby by Fake Bake is one way to get that just out of the sunglow without the harmful side-effects of the sun.  The company Fake Bake was formed to conquer the long, lost sought after quest a perfect tan without risking your health. The conquered this quest to the fullest extent with a product that contains botanically extracted ingredients and no preservatives. They guarantee to provide only the richest looking tan in the most luxurious way without the sun. It moisturizes, hydrates and protects the body without clogging the pores or irritating sensitive skin. The use of their self-tanning products will not turn skin orange or yellow, and has no harsh odor due to the fact that it is not chemically based. Their self-tanning products were created to instantly tan various skin types without streaking.

How To Get A Sun Kissed Makeup Look

Fake Bake’s Bronzy Babe in Just Peachy is a new blusher that complements all complexions with a subtle, warm glow. All you need to do is dust this skin-brightening powder on cheeks, shoulders, and from the neckline and above for a beachy, peachy flush. There are special light reflectors that aid in giving a youthful appearance to the skin, and the triple Pigmentation provides longer staying power.

Fake Bake’s Bronzy Babe also offers Beachy Babe Lip Gloss, which is tinted like the color of the sand at your favorite beach. Beachy Babe lip gloss is perfect for a day in the sun and has the subtle scent of a tropical island. Beachy Babe is my favorite lip gloss, and it is my go-to look. There used to be a line that was similar at another makeup company that I swore by, but they have discontinued it and I have been searching for its replacement for TEN years. I am so happy I finally found exactly what I was looking for. Often I will just wear the lip gloss with the bronzer and a little mascara and I am good to go! Good thing I can re-order easily online since it is now a staple in my Summer look!

The Bronzy Babe products are very affordable, with the Just Peachy Blusher retailing for $9.95 and the Beachy Babe Lip Gloss retailing for $11.95. Order some warm summer glow today!