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Get Your Clutter Under Control With Wall Storage Systems

I am a super neat freak and probably have a little OCD floating around in my DNA. My husband would laugh at me whenever I had a test because he would always know without me telling him. I cannot concentrate if my house is out of order, even the least little bit. If I have a deadline with work, you will know because I am vacuuming, doing laundry and probably cleaning the glass on our framed wall art. I know, picky right? One area I always have in the back of my mind that needs work is my utility room. We have a bunch of stuff packed in there, especially the tool box, which is a terrible mess. I finally decided to look into wall storage systems to get my toolbox clutter under control. Triton Products is a company that has years of experience helping people organize their lives. From your garage to your office to your craft supplies, Triton Products has got your covered!

Get Your Clutter Under Control With Wall Storage Systems

I have been promising myself I would get the toolbox sorted out, but I never have gotten around to it. My husband claims to be the rightful owner of the toolbox, but it is really mine as I am the one who uses it. I am probably in and out of that toolbox 3-5 times a day as that is where I keep all of my odds and ends. When I was offered one of  the new wall storage systems from Triton Products, I was totally up for it. If anyone can get your clutter under control with wall storage systems, it is this industry giant. I knew the LocBin system was exactly what I needed. The system comes with 12 bins that are 5-3/8″L x 4-1/8″W x 3″H and 12 bins that are 7-3/8″L x 4-1/8″W x 3″H.

It  is super easy to set up because you just hang the two wall mount rail systems and then add the bins, which lock together and stay put. Once everything is securely hung, you can add up to 30 pounds safely. The system comes with labels so you know what is in which bin, so everything is super easy to find. Once I got everything into the bins, my toolbox only contained tools! What a concept, right?! Triton Products has been in business designing creative and practical storage solutions for over 25 years. They started out created custom tool management systems that are still used today and for the past 10 years have added products to keep you organized ever since. You can purchase the LocBin system on the Triton Product website for $39.95 along with their other durable and easy to use products.

One USA reader will win a LocBin system from Triton products ($39.95)


  1. I love the bins mounted on peg boards-that would be great for my hall closet for catching things like gloves and scarves etc! Love ’em!

  2. I love the LocBin Wall Systems. i love to be organized and these look like some great products for that.

  3. i need the 1720 Modular Wall Storage Modular Components Wire Shelf with Lock-On Hanging Brackets

  4. I liked the Laundry room storage. I really need storage in the Laundry room so I could really use this

  5. I like the MODULAR WALL STORAGE. Anything that would help w/hanging a bike.

  6. I would love to have that shed storage system, even though I don’t have a shed, lol.

  7. I could use the 1750 Garment Storage System–NYC apartments never have enough closet space.

  8. I love their idea for the magnetic pads for ensuring your tools stay in place in your toolbox.

  9. Wow! I LOVE their stainless Kitchen pegboard system! and the garage ones. I NEED some of these.

  10. I think we would get the most use out of the LocBin System. This would work great in our garage!!

  11. I like the magnetic-socket-storage/magclip-magnetic-strip/magnetic-strips-without-pegs/

  12. I like this one – perfect place to stash all the stuff that usually ends up under the bed.

  13. I too am a member of the bit o’ OCD club. I’m in heaven here….so many great organizational products. I really liked the Storability modular wall storage wire ensemble thing for the laundry room. I want them all!!!

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