Get Your Hair Ready For Summer

This winter was definitely long and harsh and I am so glad to see summer finally arrive. You may not realize it, but that cold weather most likely caused some damage to your hair. The frigid cold temperatures can really dry out your hair. Also, people are less likely to get their hair done in the winter, so it is probably in need of a trim. Before you head out to the pool or the beach, you are going to want to follow these tips:

4 Ways To Get Your Hair Summer Ready

  1. Get A Hair Cut: You need to get those winter dead ends trimmed to get you ready for summer. If your hair gets those winter split ends, that is another reason to get a trim.
  2. Get A Massage: A hair massage at your local salon is great for getting your scalp invigorated.
  3. Give It A Mask: You should give your hair a nice mask, and many of the ingredients are in your kitchen. A nice lemon, olive oil and yogurt mask will bring that dry and damaged hair back to life.
  4. Get The Right Products: Your hair deserves the best products to keep it healthy and revitalized. If you play in the pool and at the beach or are in the sun a lot, you need a line of products that will protect and nourish your hair.


Because the heat and salt water can strip your hair of vitamins and moisture, you need a a line of products to correct that. Who wants to walk around with split ends and a dry scalp all summer? With the products from Teadora, you can give your hair what it needs to turn heads this summer! This recently launched line of bath and body products are sustainably harvested natural and organic ingredients from the Brazilian rainforest. All of the products from  Teadora are vegan,  cruelty, sulfate, paraben and harsh-chemical free, so you can feel great about what you are putting on your hair.  You can find the Teadora hair care in two 100% natural signature fragrances; Rainforest at Dusk and Rainforest at Dawn. The Rainforest at Dawn has a fresh and vibrant floral and woodsy smell to get you ready for your day ahead. The Rainforest at Dusk has a delicate flowery aroma with just a bit of fruit to soothe you after a trying day.

The Teadora nourishing shampoo and conditioner contain the unique Rainforest Youth Elixir which is a blend of Brazilian ingredients which add shine and softness to any hair type. With antioxidant and vitamin-rich Buriti, Açaí and Cupuaçu, you will get stronger, shinier, and moisture-infused hair. These refreshing products will also protect your hair against UV rays, you get help preventing split ends. The products from Teadora are Good for you and Good for the Earth. The folks at Teadora dedicate part of their proceeds to help fund a philanthropic exchange between the U.S. and Brazil to support youth education, leadership development, health, and rainforest conservation. The washes are each available in the 12 oz bottles and retail for $35.00 on the Teadora website and will be available soon at your favorite department and beauty specialty store near you. Be sure to follow Teadora Beauty on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What do you do to get your hair ready for summer?