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Living in Florida, we get to celebrate the warmer weather much sooner than most. I really feel for the Northern folks, but summer is right around the corner. When the summer does arrive most want their homes to be comfortable, looking seasonal and welcoming to guests. Whether summer is three months of glorious sunshine or a weekend where some people feel it’s just about warm enough to take their overcoats off, we can all get into the spirit of things! Here are some tips on how to summer-ize your home.

Summer House

  1. Encourage Airy Living Spaces: Get the windows and doors open to let the fresh air into your home. Put plenty of houseplants around the place to further enhance the outdoor feeling. Plants such as snake plants, spider plants, English ivy and rubber plants actually filter the air in your home.
  2. Do the Refurbs You’ve Been Planning to do: Visit websites such as the Ideal Outlet to find out the potential for your bathroom. Summer is the best time to make such adjustments to your home as everything dries a lot quicker and the jobs should take less time.
  3. Get the Barbeque Area Ready: Is your barbie ready for another summer of garden parties? If not, it might be time to upgrade. Make sure the area around the grill is clean and welcoming. Think of other items which you will need to make your barbecue go to plan. A cool box? A swing ball set?
  4. Summer-ize your Wardrobe: The arrival of summer signifies the time when you can finally cast of those heavy winter clothes. Don’t let thick jumpers and woolly jackets get in the way of your lovely light summer clothes. Just seeing a wardrobe with only summer clothes in can improve your mood.
  5. Line up the Cooler Linens: Make sure your bedroom is summer-ready by getting rid of those heavy winter sheets and replace with a thin cover. Also, try and get some lighter solid colors into the rooms to brighten the place up for when the sunshine pours in through your window.
  6. Other Uses for the Fireplace: You won’t need to stoke up a roaring fire in the coming months. Try instead to have a nice set piece of dried flowers and other nice natural ornaments to adorn your fire place.
    wild flowers
  7. Get a Wild Flower Garden: Encouraging bees and other insects is a great way to make the most of summer if you have enough space. Designate an area of your garden for a wild flower patch.
  8. Ensure Outdoor Furniture is Ready: Make your outdoor area as inviting as possible for guests. Get some nice bright and comfy upholstery for the furniture. Durable outdoor fabrics are a must-have for every visitor-ready garden.