Netflix on Verizon

My household can be pretty crazy at times. I have two toddlers that require my attention more often than not. They are always eager to show me a new toy, dance move or what neat drawing they just penned on my wall. My youngest likes to sit in my lap constantly and share in what I am doing.  I am a work-at-home mom, so this can be a tad disruptive in my work day. Sometimes, I just need a half hour of uninterrupted work time. This is why I am so glad I have Netflix on my Verizon Incredible 4G LTE phone that I received from being a Verizon Ambassador.

streaming movies on 4G

Netflix is a pay to play application that streams movies in live time. The monthly fee is nominal and you can use it on several devices such as PlayStation, Wii, Roku, iPad, etc. It has a kids only section so you can let your children pick out their own movie without wondering if they will select something inappropriate or too mature. My two-year-old is pretty adept with technology, so I need to be careful about the  access to the shows he can watch.

You can download Netflix from Google Play right to your android device, and if you are using 4G like my my Verizon service you get a smooth delivery without any waiting or pauses. The clarity is great just like you were watching a mini TV. There are a few apps on Google Play that stream movies. I just choose Netflix because it is familiar to me.

Google Play
Google Play just hit 25 billion app downloads. To celebrate, Google is offering special apps for just 25 cents until October 2. Here’s a link to the top 25-cent apps. Android users can also get deals on collections like “25 movies you must own” and “25 albums that changed the world.”

Google Play Apps on Verizon

I use my phone to keep my kids occupied when I need a moments peace. It works great when we are at the doctors office or driving in the car. I love the variety of free or low cost apps you can get from Google Play like the SuperHero Avengers game Jakobi is playing.

I also use my Incredible when I am by myself for those long waits I have at the salon or when I am getting a drivers licence renewal! I do not know how I lived before 4G. I spend quite a bit of time waiting around, so my phone has been an integral part of my life. You can tell from my past posts I Am No Longer Tethered To My Desk Thanks To #VZWA Hotspot and Using Your Cell Phone To Lose Weight #VZWA. Stay tuned to find out how else I use my Verizon phone & you can follow our chatter on Twitter!

I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.