Getting A New Smartphone When You Want

I remember when cell phones first went from that mammoth device to a flip phone. My brother, who is the one in the family to get the latest and coolest gadgets got one. We were vising for Thanksgiving and we could not get over how it could fit in the palm of our hands. I recall thinking we looked much like the cave people must have looked when the wheel was first invented! It is amazing how the cell phone has developed into the smart phone. What is almost as mind blowing is how quickly new phones are being introduced into the marketplace. It seems there is a new phone every other day that we want to try. Sadly, most cell phone companies only allow you to upgrade to a new phone every 1-2 years. But wait! with the new Verizon Edge program from Verizon Wireless, getting a new smartphone when you want is a breeze!

Getting A New Smartphone

What is Verizon Edge you ask? Well it is the coolest thing to hit technology since the cell phone! With the Verizon Edge program, you get to choose from a huge number of phones from Verizon wireless anytime you want! You can take 24 months to pay for your phone instead of shelling out all that cash up front. All you need to have in your pocket is the first month’s payment and you are all set to enjoy your newest smartphone. If, after 6 months, you can Edge Up to another phone and there is no upgrade fee! All you need to do is to have paid at least half of the phone off and the phone needs to be in great working order with no visible damage. Awesome, right?!

To be eligible for the Verizon Edge program, you just need to meet a few requirements. You need to have 6 months with a clean payment history and be eligible for an upgrade. If you are a customer with less than 6 months history, you need to pass an internal e-credit check. For customers who are brand new to Verizon, you will need to pass a credit check. What phones are included in the plan? Well, all Verizon Wireless smartphones and basic phones are eligible for Verizon Edge. You need to have a service agreement when you acquire your new 24 month Verizon Edge Agreement. With no finance or additional fees to be part of the program (other than your monthly device payment), the Verizon Edge program is an affordable way you can be getting a new Verizon 4G LTE phone when you want! Be sure to follow Verizon Wireless on Facebook as well as Twitter.