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Gift for Man’s Best Friend Chloe’s Collars

I have found the perfect gift for man’s best friend Chloe’s Collars matching dog collar and leash. I have noticed recently that our dog Shadow’s collar is showing some major wear. I always try to find him a unique collar and leash. I am not a fan of the run of the mill plain collars & leashes, if we take the time to accessorize why not have the dog be fashionable as well.  At first my husband wasn’t so keen on my choices, he said “just get black that way it won’t show the dirt”…what fun is black?  Our dog Shadow is an Australian Shepard and we got him as a puppy the year we were married.  He’s our first baby and my first pet so my love for him is beyond words.  He’s a herding dog, so he’s very active and loves to be outside rolling in whatever he can find…hence the reason why his collars are so gross.  I have recently been given the opportunity to review a collar and leash from Chloe’s Collars.  They were kind enough to let me choose whatever I wanted and let me tell you the choice wasn’t easy.  They have a wonderful variety of unique fabrics and styles to choose from.  I finally settled on the Blue Stud fabric and they made the matching leash. Recently, we talked about using Shadow as a stud dog so I thought it would be very fitting for his new role. I think the chicks are going to dig him in his new collar.

Unique Dog Collar

When my package arrived, I was so excited to see my unique dog collar. They make them to order and the quality of both the collar and leash was wonderful.  I carefully checked all the stitching and it was perfect.  The collar and leash are made with high quality ribbon/fabric and nylon webbing.  The shiny silver buckle was a nice heavy metal which looks like it will stand the test of time.  The size fit perfect and Shadow seemed very comfortable in his new Stud collar, I think I saw him walking with a little pep in his step.  The leash matches the collar and is my personal favorite of all the leashes we have owned.  We have owned many leashes and I despise the retractable leash it drives me nuts.  And for some reason, its the only kind my husband buys!  So this new leash will be all MINE and I will keep it in my car for safekeeping (our leashes tend to go missing…it must be the leash ghost that takes them in the night).

You can purchase a collar for $16 and leash (5ft) for $30. Chloe’s Collars carries a full line of handmade products including: cat collars, key fobs/key chains and neck lanyards. In various colors, patterns and sizes. They were awesome to work with, very quick to respond to any questions and kept in constant contact to advise the status, shipment and then confirmation that the items had arrived. I think it’s wonderful that the collars & leashes can either be hand-washed or put in the dishwasher (top rack) and laid flat to dry! Check them out on Facebook to see the latest creations!
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