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Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers This Holiday Season

Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers This Holiday Season

Gift Ideas For The Techie On Your List
Do you need gift ideas for the techie on your list?  I have a few of those on mine and it is always a challenge to find something cool for them.  I have already exhausted all the typical gifts you can give, so I needed to rely on the internet to help me get some fresh ideas.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I did want the gift to be something that the recipient would be able to use as well as thinking it was a pretty cool gift!  Here are some great suggestions for you:

Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers

  • Washable Keyboard: If you are a bit of a klutz like I am, this is just what you need.  I have ruined a few keyboards in my day by spilling soda on it.  This brilliant product has drainage holes and the keys are laser printed on, so they cannot get ruined by a spill.  They keys are said to last longer than those on a conventional keyboard.
  • Retro Phone Handset: If you are old enough to remember the “old fashioned” phone that had the handset which was attached to your phone by the cord, you are in for a treat.  You can have the fun of yesterday’s handset for today’s smart phone.  The handset plugs into any smart phone and there are 14 colors to choose from.  For a few extra dollars, you can buy the Bluetooth version.
  • Pizza Maker: This is one of those gifts that you wonder how you got along without it once you have used it.  This electric pizza maker cooks your pizza in half the time as it takes in your conventional oven.  The pizza rotates while the 1,250 watts cooks it to perfect ion and it holds fresh or frozen pizza up to 12” in diameter.
  • Head Phones: Head phones are really hot this year and there are a lot of different styles and levels of sound quality to fit any budget.  You may have seen commercials for cool shapes or colors or possibly a design your own set.  If you want to individualize your headphones, OrigAudio has a great concept just for you! If you are ready to trade your plain headphones for a set that has been designed by you, OrigAudio is THE place to go. You can like them on  Facebook as well as follow them on Twitter.

Design Your Own Headphones

Design Your Own Headphones

The Designears headphones from OrigAudio allow you to design your own headphones.  You can choose a design from the tons of examples OrigAudio offers, but you can also use your own art, a photograph or image.  All you do is choose your base color and then you decide what image you will put on your headphones and where.  If you want, you can choose one design for each of the ears or the over the head band or you can make them all the same.  The sky is the limit because your choices are endless.  As quoted by the folks at OrigAudio, “‘why be the same, when you can be different.”  Henry didn’t have any headphones, so we decided he could design his own pair of Designears.  He loves camouflage, so he chose the green for all the available spaces on the phones.  I thought it would take more time to design than it did, but it takes no time at all.  Where you will get held up is trying to decide what you want to put on yours!  For $69.99, you get a great pair of well-made headphones that are as different as you!